What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft Cannabis is the outcome of many years of hard work and significant hands-on experience growing cannabis with precision and a lot of heart. Maximizing the capabilities of a cannabis strain to enhance its effects or medical attributes are the primary goals of any true cannabis enthusiast. Craft cannabis is grown with this mind. The […]

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What Is Hydroponics? An Overview of Growing Without Soil

The term hydroponics is relatively new, but the growing technique of replacing soil-based systems with nutrient-rich water goes as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Cannabis can also be grown using this efficient procedure. Hydroponics by removing the use of soil and its sporadic nutritional control and replacing it with an endless stream […]

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Why Growers Prefer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Why Cannabis Farmers Prefer Feminized Seeds

Are Feminized Seeds Right for Me? If you engage in any substantial farming activity, you are likely understand that choosing the right seed will either set you up for a bountiful harvest or have your fingers burned season after season. The stakes are even higher when it comes to growing cannabis, given the limiting rules […]

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The Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth

Understanding the Five Main Growth Stages of Cannabis

Growing CannabiS & THE STAGES OF GROWTH Presently, growing marijuana is legal in 21 states of the US, plus the District of Columbia. The number of plants you may grow varies, and while some states allow individuals to grow cannabis for recreational use, others are limited to cultivating weed for medicinal use only. Still, If […]

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