What are the Best Nutrients for Growing Cannabis?

Growing cannabis and hemp is like any other plant. Cannabis requires different nutrients at each stage of it’s growth cycle. What Nutrients Should I Use for Young Plants? As a young plant (vegetative stage), additional Nitrogen is consumed. Nitrogen is used to grow stalks, roots, leaves and gain height and width. Young plants benefit from […]

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What is Nutrient Lockout?

What is Nutrient Lockout? Nutrient lockout is when the soil, or soil medium, is overloaded with nutrients or has a pH that is too extreme. Nutrient lockout restricts the pant from feeding. What are the Signs of Nutrient Lockout? When a plant is not being cared for properly there are warning signs. Things get tricky […]

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Should You be Using Feed Charts?

Almost everyone is looking to growing the biggest, highest quality plants they can. This leads many farmers to consider using nutrients in their soil.With all of the available data on the benefits of nutrients, more and more growers are giving them a try. Knowing when to use them, and how much to use, can still […]

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how to improve air circulation in your indoor cannabis grow room

How to Improve Air Circulation in Your Grow Room

Grow room air circulation is a vital part of each gardener’s set up. Too little air movement can allow mold, mildew, and other fungi to grow. Resulting in poor growing conditions and compromised plants. These can make for quite the headache and clean up, but with a few simple adjustments your grow room can be […]

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Outdoor vs. Greenhouse: What’s the Better Way to Grow Cannabis?

While cannabis can be grown in various conditions, some states are now pushing toward outdoor or greenhouse production. This can be very exciting for some growers, returning the plant back into its original, natural environment. Why Grow Cannabis Outdoors The great outdoors can be the perfect way to grow cannabis. Outdoor grows allow for the […]

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how to prevent bugs and insects in your indoor cannabis grow kush com

How to Prevent Pests in Your Indoor Grow

Everyone wants a part of the growing cannabis industry, including pests. Pests are not limited to bugs, but can range from the tiniest insects to microscopic fungi and bacteria. Rest assured, your indoor grow room doesn’t have to suffer because of its popularity. Let Kush show you how to prevent pests. We’ll walk you through […]

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How to Have a Smooth Validation Process: The Hemp Edition is a B2B wholesale raw materials marketplace full of Buyers and Sellers ready to make a deal, how can we help you connect? You are only minutes away from reaching our entire professional legal hemp  network with over 5,000 licensed and regulated legal business owners and operators.  With over 100 new users signing up […]

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How Much CBD is Needed to Be Effective in Food and Drinks?

Introduction With so many ways to take CBD oil, a common question among people who are new to it is “how much should I take?” CBD oil usage is still in its early stages, and given the number of ailments it helps alleviate, there’s no minimum or maximum dosage that can be recommended.  The same […]

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Cannabis 101: What are THC and CBD?

You have probably become aware of the fact that cannabis legalization is happening fast. Ten states in the US now have some form of law that has expanded or completely legalized recreational marijuana. Whether you are an avid user of cannabis, know people who are, or are simply curious about what all the hype is about, […]

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What Is Hydroponics? An Overview of Growing Without Soil

The term hydroponics is relatively new, but the growing technique of replacing soil-based systems with nutrient-rich water goes as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Cannabis can also be grown using this efficient procedure. Hydroponics by removing the use of soil and its sporadic nutritional control and replacing it with an endless stream […]

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