Kush.com is a B2B wholesale raw materials marketplace full of Buyers and Sellers ready to make a deal, how can we help you connect?

You are only minutes away from reaching our entire professional legal hemp  network with over 5,000 licensed and regulated legal business owners and operators.  With over 100 new users signing up each week!

Why Create a Free Account with Kush?

We can connect you to Verified Users.   Kush ensures that all users are licensed and meet all proper regulations before they can post to the marketplace. It is company policy to verify farmers and processors maintain current hemp licenses within the laws and regulations.

Access to our Exclusive Marketplace.  We have more than a 100 businesses registering every week! Thousands of available products and new items added daily. Kush is more than just a marketplace, we are here to help you connect as a friend in the industry.

Team of Specialists and Product Experts.  Whether you are sourcing for raw materials such as seeds, biomass, clones, or flower, and want to connect with knowledgeable farmers or looking for crude, distillate or isolate, and want to talk to a derivatives expert, we got your back!  Our team of experts are on hand as a resource for your business needs on the Kush. Consider us your supply chain experts connecting you in the industry.

We provide free Business Planning Tools.  Your business doesn’t stop after a sale, and neither do we. Streamlining your procurement process by creating lasting relationships with long-term contract, future buys and more! This way you can focus on what creates more value to your business, is that making sales or capturing market share?

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How Does Kush.com Work?

We connect buyers and sellers of CBD hemp products from seeds to finished goods nation wide. We’d love to see your compliant hemp products on the site! Kush provides a large network of live Buyers actively searching to buy product. If they make an offer and the Seller decides to accept it, a Kush representative will step in and facilitate documentation and formally introduce each party so the deal can be finalized between the buyer and the seller.  

Our platform provides a unique perspective if you take advantage of our custom free features and maximize your exposure. Increase your online presence by posting ads or receive valuable updates at no cost. We are constantly updating and introducing new features and services to add value for your business.  Explore new features by clicking here >>

Ready to see what Kush is all about?  Follow these three easy simple steps and sign up in just a few minutes!

Step 1: Account Verification

Whether you’re a Buyer or a Selle, the first step is to create your account here >>.

Step 2: Upload Verification Documents

To join Kush Marketplace, the biggest validated network of Industrial Hemp farmers, processors, and retail wholesalers, you must provide the proper documentation within laws and regulations.

We advise that you check whether your state has a pilot program compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill and maintain current license documents to stay compliant within the FDAs laws and regulations as we work towards global acceptance and responsible expansion.

We require users to stay safe and legal with good manufacturing practices (heavy metals and pesticides vary by state) and requirement to have facilities registered.  Please utilize the resources below and contact your state Department of Agriculture for current updates on legalization of hemp and documentation required.

  • After receiving approval from your state, upload the following to your marketplace account:
    • State issued hemp endorsement/license(each state has their own license requirements that differentiates between growers, producers, cultivators, manufacturers, processors, handlers, retailers, seed, cbd, fiber, and grain to name a few and is subject to change according to the development plans
  • If your state has not yet established an industrial hemp program:
    • Upload a Valid business registration AND Photo ID (for limited accessibility)

For immediate guidance from the FDA click here >>

Kush requires all users to provide a COA (Certificate of Analysis) with posted inventory and to comply with standards and methods unified by the AOAC International.  

Find out which states are submitting hemp regulations to the USDA here >>

Read more about the AOAC Standard Method of Performance Requirements here >>

For more information on consumers’ access to dietary supplements please go to United Natural Product Alliance HERE >>

Stay in the loop regarding public procurement with OPPA by clicking HERE >>

Are your CBD products properly labeled? Find out HERE >>

Step 3: Set up your account and expand your online presence by customizing with our free features

Once you have been validated by a Kush On-Boarding and Procurement Specialist, it’s time to take advantage of our features and services and build your business profile tailored for your business needs.  We want to help maximize and optimize your business strategy, so please feel free to schedule an educational call with our on-boarding team. Are you looking to drive sales to your products and need help with your ads or are you exploring our live marketplace for materials?

Have Inventory to Move?


Please remember that Buyers are looking for what stands out:

  • Clear images/photos of the actual product ready to be shipped
  • Simple straight forward titles to capture the buyers attention. How much are you selling? What price are you selling it at?
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Current COA analysis with harvest dates  (test potency, heavy metals, pesticides, varies by state)

Potency measures and percentages

Pesticides Test

  • Include the CBD range. If the product is indigestible please be clear and transparent about what exactly in the product but no medical claims, no nutritional claims

Sourcing Materials?


Create a Search with the requirements of your material and Save it!  You will receive updates and it’s going to create a lot of value for you down the line.

~Start your research now and stay on top of market trends by creating and saving your search requirements to receive valuable updates. Choose alerts via text or email.


~Post in our Wanted Ads and grab the attention of our sellers checking daily. WHen you find a product you are interested in , you can either Buy Now, Make An Offer, or Request for more information by starting conversations


SPOT BUYS are one time purchase of commodity new spot pricing feature pinned to the top/banner on the platform showing current lowest prices for one time orders base on volume. Lowest price available from a trusted vendor

Proven Track Record of Sales with Kush.com


Group Buys– offer the unique opportunity to organize with fellow businesses to purchase quality products lower than wholesale prices.

We are constantly growing and adding new free features such as Spot Buys, New Live Auctions, New Contracts, and many more…

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1. How do I get started on Kush Marketplace?

  • Sign up for free  here >>.
  • We require everyone to provide proper license and registered documents including a COA (Certificate of Analysis). Most sellers will provide a sample one gram. If this is of interest to you, please let your Kush representative know that you are interested in working with 3rd parties to test a sample.
  • We comply with the FDA & US Department of Agriculture developing laws and regulations.  Please click here >> for more questions and answers.

2. How does Kush get paid?

  • We only collect the service fee after the transaction has been made and items shipped. The tiered fee structure is ranges from 4-7% depending on the size of the deal. At the bottom of your “Add Product” page you can calculate an estimate before posting. You can find the seller’s fee schedule here >> in our terms.

3.. When is Kush’s next event?

4. What about shipping?

5.  What is the FDAs status on hemp derived CBD?

6. Can you tell me more about 2018 Farm Bill and pesticide testing?

7. What is the price for CBD isolate?

8. How can I contact the people on Kush Marketplace?

  • First step is to get your account verified.  Once you have completed our validation process with an On-boarding Specialist, users will be able to start conversations on our live marketplace.  

Where do I find this? You’ll see on each post the marketplace is transparent with all details and previous offers made.  Under the ad description, you have the option to Buy Now, Negotiate a Price, or Request for More Information.  Please note, it is against our Terms & Services to share contact information over the platform. Please keep all communication on the platform. This keeps Kush in the loop, as well as preventing illegal deals from happening.

Once a deal starts to close, we step in and get the seller to fill out some basic forms. Next, we formally introduce the buyer & seller via email. The introduction email will include all company/contact information so you can take it from there!

9. How can I sign up for your blog?