There’s a couple clever ways people have started using the platform that take advantage of the built in systems on the marketplace. We didn’t expect some of these use cases, but here’s how to get the most out of the Kush Marketplace platform using the full set of current features.

Buyer SMS Updates:

Even thousand pound deals can happen in a matter of minutes with of our vast network of buyers subscribed to SMS  product updates.

When you upload a new product, we run our algorithm to match the product with buyers based on their purchasing criteria. When we find a match, buyers receive a text message with a photo, price, and basic information. Although this only happens when buyers opt into SMS notifications, many buyers use these religiously. Keep this in mind when your posting, and make sure your pictures look great right from the start. As soon as the product goes up, the texts will go out!

Because this is so effective, we do have to watch for spam. If you try to post products too aggressively your account will be blocked, and then you won’t have access to the marketplace at all.

And please be respectful of the platform, no one wants to be spammed.

Conversation Notifications to Buyers:

When you update a product, any buyer who has expressed interest in the product gets a notification. This is particularly useful if you change prices or need to update the amount of available inventory. Many of our sellers regularly update their product tweaking them to try and make a sale. If a product isn’t selling on the marketplace, it’s usually due to price or a lack of information.

Lets say you’ve put up an ad and had multiple buyers interested but with no serious offers. Instead of reaching out to each buyer individually, you could add info into your description, or even change your price. This will send an email to each buyer that showed interest and save a ton of time.

Daily Re-posting:

One strategy that we’ve see have a big effect is reposting your products daily. This requires signing in daily, but if you’re trying to make a sale, it will definitely increase your odds. Many buyers won’t express interest in a product strictly because it was posted over a month ago. Go into your ‘My Products’ page, and click the ‘repost’ button to bump your ads to the top!

Multiple Listings of Same Product:

We’ve seen people try and dial in a price point by making multiple listings for the same product but with different pictures or prices. You’d be amazed at what a good photo can do for price negotiations, and having an ad up with no picture does draw in curious buyers.

What we don’t recommend, is making separate ads for all the different strains available. Buyers want to see the full inventory and make one offer for whats available. If you make 7 different ads for your different strains, then a buyer would have to make 7 different offers, or even worse they won’t know it’s all from the same seller!

Promoting other peoples products:

If you can’t fill a buyers need, the best way to build a relationship with them is to send them something they would be interested in. At a minimum, it’s a foot in the door to start a conversation down the road. Say they’re only buying trim at the moment and all you have is flower. Send them a trim deal you think looks good from the marketplace. They will remember you, and you’re probably more likely to build a relationship that leads to a sale in the future.

Countering Offers:

Countering offers seems obvious. But now that we show all the offers made on your product page countering is even more important. As of right now, your counter offer will also show up on that offers list. This means if a buyer comes in super low, you can counter them with something closer to asking price, and both offers will show on your product page. Having just one offer way below asking could make the product look less valuable, but if you always counter up then the low offers won’t stand out, and new buyers will know where the realistic price lands.

Referencing Price Forecasts & Trends:

Read up on our price trends and forecasts! Know what’s happening in the market and start a conversation with a buyer referencing what you expect to happen over the coming months. For example, we recently had a seller say, “Let’s set price here for now, but as the supply on the market starts shrinking maybe we can move up 3 cents in 4 weeks from now.”

Calling Us Directly:

Call us. We’re here to help.