Kush Marketplace Updates

Here at Kush Marketplace, The Development team has been working tirelessly the past couple of months to bring you the best in 2019. Check out the new updates to the mobile and online platform below!

Mobile Platform Updates

The mobile platform has been totally redesigned with double columns on the home page for increased product space. You can now browse through more products more efficiently.

New Layout for Mobile Devices

As you can see on the left, Cannabis and Hemp pages are easily located at the top of the page for quick accessibility between the two markets depending on your farm or businesses needs.

Add Product & Search Tab

We have also added an Add Product and Search tab located at the bottom of the page that gives you instantly searchable products directly at your fingertips.

The Add Product tab feature easily allows you to post the products you want, wherever you are (with wifi or signal of course).

Posting ads from your phone is now a couple of clicks away.

Online Platform Updates

Not only did our mobile layout get redesigned, but our desktop platform got a total overhaul as well. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing. The functionality of the site is smooth and clean. Less is more.

Product Home Page

In-Depth Look

Going further into the product page, we took away the sidebar menu and moved it up to the top right-hand corner to free up space for more ads. We added a feature to your account profile to make it easier to make necessary changes to your profile.

My Account Dashboard

New Search Bar

A new search bar has been added to the product page. This little purple button, not only looks cool, but the functionality is extraordinary.

Step-By-Step Search

The new search bar now has a step by step search creation, that lets you finely tune what you are looking for. The search bar also lets you save your searches and create a wanted ad, at the same time while you search. This is one of the most efficient ways to cover more ground for your business.

Pesticide and Potency Tests

With the increasing demand for pesticide and potency tests, we added a pesticide and potency verification feature to every ad you post.

Potency and Pesticide Notification

With Potency and Pesticide notification, you can rest assure that the product you are looking at is good to go. No more wasted time wondering if the product you are looking at is tested or not. With all these new improvements to the platform, the possibilities are endless.

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