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When dealing with plant diseases, by the time you see the issue it's too late to treat effectively. With the Cubed Labs CRD botrytis test, you can now test for botrytis before your plants get infected in as little as 10 minutes and on-site. No more expensive lab tests to know what's happening in your crop. Test kit includes everything needed to run 25 botrytis tests. 25 test strips, 25 germination pads, 25 test cups, 25 sample droppers, 75 carbon steel BB's. Uses: Farmers -Early detection of botrytis in your crop. As early as two weeks before infection. Give yourself time to treat and remediate. -Never get caught late in the season with grey mold again. -Monitor mold levels while in storage. Give yourself actionable data to protect your valuable harvest. Extraction/Distribution -Save money on testing by prescreening for botrytis on site. If the product you are purchasing has botrytis you can either pass it up or request a better price. -Monitor the quality of your product while in storage. Botrytis is the main microbial issue that ruins biomass and flower. -Ensure your brand maintains a high level of quality control. To find out more please visit

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