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This thicker CBD lube was specially formulated for exploratory play. It has 360 MG of broad spectrum CBD.

Take your sex life to new heights with sensation enhancing CBD Erotic Topical Oil.

Hand trimmed beautiful lifter. Great nose, no mold or seeds, light green in color

Hand trimmed beautiful lifter. Great nose, no mold or seeds, light green in color

CBD Lube-250 MG of Broad Spectrum CBD. Our most popular intimate product. Helps you enjoy sex as it was intended. This can promote pleasurable sensations while helping dull discomfort.

We have a large inventory of machine trimmed whole flower fresh frozen with minimal duff material available. We currently have these strains available
Black jack
Grandma Linda
Tahoe kush
San Fernando Valley OG
Banana Kush

Transportation of up to 1000lbs available if necessary and we also work with third party transit companies as well

We have over 2000 rooted transplanted into 4 inch pot starts for sale. Currently we have Bruce banner number 3 dosi 55 and black coffee. they are in pro mix soil with an amendment of Carbon Logic Bio Char to Improve Drainage and to promote benefical Mychorrizal growth. these are solid healthy cuts the dosi tested at 27 percent thc last year for us and the Banner Yielded 3 pounds a plant full term for us. prices are anywhere from 5 to 750 a cut depending on strain with room to negotiate. Everything has only been treated with m pede insectical soap these are rock solid healthy cuts with a lot of momentum. currently these are pushing 12 inches tall verdant green with

We will be producing/processing 700plus kilos of Sweetened strain this month. If interested contact me on a contractual basis or spot buys…

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