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24.01% THCa
.292% Delta-9 THC
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Well-known for its aromatic profile. When it comes to
its smell, Purple Punch typically emits a sweet and fruity fragrance.
Many users describe it as having a distinct grape soda
scent, reminiscent of grape candies or grape juice. You may also
detect hints of blueberry and tropical fruits in its aroma. Overall,
the smell of Purple Punch is often described as delightful
and enticing, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

21.57% THCa
.138% Delta-9 THC
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Dense, elongated structure with a slightly tapered shape. The flowers
are usually medium to large in size, and their color can vary from light green
to a bluish hue, giving the strain its name. The buds are often coated in a
frosty layer of trichomes, which are responsible for the strain’s sticky texture
and potency.

24.27% THCa
.234% Delta-9 THC
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a vibrant and light green color, often accompanied by patches of bright orange pistils (hairs). These pistils
provide a beautiful contrast against the green backdrop. The buds are usually covered in a thick layer of trichomes, which give
them a frosty and glistening appearance.

22.49% THCa

23.50% THCa

Jarred High THCa Badder, high in terpenes, EXTREMELY POTENT.
Available in 1g glass jars. White Labeling available for a slight upcharge.

These draw activated THCa dominant vapes are being discontinued from our lineup, as we’ve made the switch to button activated units, which is why they’re available for such a terrific price, but once they’re gone, they’re GONE for good. Made with THCa Diamonds and live resin, these are a STEAL for the price. Each vape is packaged in a clamshell and ready to hit shelves. DM for orders/additional info!

3.5g of premium, indoor cultivated THCa Flower in glass jars w/ Safety shrink seal and 2-way humidity regulator. Available as-is or white labeled with your branding for a slight upcharge.

Premium shelf stable, compliant THCa Disposable Vapes, available in bulk or white labeled in clamshell packaging.
Multiple flavors available. Made with Live Resin and Diamonds. No solvents, fillers, or cutting agents.

Beautifully branded, shelf ready THCa Flower packaged in glass jars, with safety seals and 2-way humidity regulators.

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