The Kush Product Guide will be the most comprehensive catalog of hemp and cannabinoid products in the world. Retailers, consumers and investors are looking for trustworthy, compliant partners in the hemp industry. We aim to make that easier than ever in Winter 2020.

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What is the Kush Product Guide?

We know what it takes to get your hemp business off the ground, or to the next level. The Kush team has been around since the initial legalization of cannabis in Washington State in 2013 and operated a successful hemp & cannabis marketplace since 2017.

Previously in Oregon and Washington State, we’ve distributed Product Guides to help the markets connect. We’ve completed several full length Guides and helped hundred of brands penetrate the retail market!

Now for the first time, we are bringing our Product Guide nationwide to the entire Hemp and CBD industry.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your products on the same playing field as your competitors. Getting your brand in the 2020 Kush Product Guide will make sure your brand is seen at thousands of distribution points, but will also help solidify you as one of the current industry players.

Currently we are looking at 10,000+ retailers and thousands of other hemp businesses. Reach them all for free with an Annual Premium Membership, or sign up directly at

Get your products in the Winter 2020 Guide premium members are entitled to five (5) complimentary product listings with the purchase of an Annual Premium Membership. Upgrade your Monthly membership to an annual to not only save money (about $200/yr), but earn your five Product Guide Listings.

Not already a member? Our Premium Membership is an all access pass that any avid user on the Kush Marketplace will need. With the membership you can close deals faster, avoid all fees, and share your company / contact information freely on the kush marketplace. Check out this post for a full list of the Membership Features. Additionally, (and for a limited time) purchase a full year of Premium Coverage and you’ll make it into the Winter Product Guide!


Each individual product listing includes a photo, brief description, ingredients list and QR code to purchase the product directly from your storefront. Additionally, just by making your Storefront products, we’ll have everything we need to create your Guide Listings, easy!

Additional / Premium Listings

$100/each – Additional Annual Product Listing
$1,500 – Half Page Ad
$2,500 – Full Page Ad
$4,000 – Two Page Spread
$7,500 – Brand Featured on Cover (limited to 5)

Available Add-Ons

$500 – List All Products on
$1,000 – Product Demo Video
$2,500 – Sponsored Blog Post on
$1,000 – Consumer Giveaway (plus goods)
$150/week – Featured Product on

Please note: Design services are not included in the purchase of an ad package. If you purchase a half page ad, full page ad, or two page spread, you will be required to provide print ready artwork within 15 business days of purchase. If you do not have an in-house designer, we are able to design your ad for a flat fee of $250.

If you have any questions or would like to get signed up, go to or write us at