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CBD Isolate: Broker tips and tricks

CBD Isolate: Broker tips and tricks Brokers: Buyer beware, this industry is plagued with broker dreams of 100+ kilo orders, proof of funds and letters of intent.  I personally stay away from these people, because even those with best of intentions are trying to group your order with fairy tale clients and are working on first […]

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Kush Marketplace Podcast – Cowlitz County Cannabis

Blake and Cameron Svenson from Cowlitz County Cannabis – one of the largest wholesale cannabis buyers in the state of Washington – give us a look into the legal i-502 cannabis industry. […]

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Industrial Hemp Bill Passes Senate Floor

Last week, Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican Representative for KY, inserted cannabis provisions into the 2018 Farm Bill, successfully removing hemp from the federal definition of marijuana. The move effectively protects state industrial hemp research programs from federal prosecution and would allow hemp producers to apply and acquire federal crop insurance. McConnell said last Wednesday, […]

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Zero THC – What’s the point?

  For many people who consume cannabis, in all its forms, the idea of having a zero THC distillate is confusing at best. Most don’t see the benefits of paying for cannabinoids without THC. However here are some things they probably haven’t considered. Zero THC means you don’t have to be high in a psychoactive […]

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What is the difference between Cannabis full spectrum oil and isolates?

What is full spectrum cannabis oil? Full spectrum oil contains the full chemical profile of the cannabis plant that was processed. During the extraction, the solvent extracts a broader range of chemicals found within the plant material. The results is a greater abundance of different  cannabinoids (not limited to THC) in addition to terpenes and […]

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Should you Kief your Whole Harvest?

Recently, a farm posed this question. Here’s my take: I would avoid this. It could be done, but it’s a big risk. If you really want to do it though, I recommending having multiple buyer relationships developed before making the decision to kief your whole harvest. That way you can have open conversations about their […]

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Kush Marketplace Seattle 6/13 Booth Layout

So many vendors! This event has been sold out for months and we’re so excited about everyone who will be there on Wednesday. Take a look at the map and be prepared to make some deals! We have well over 100 retailers planning to attend. See the list here. Booth # NAME 1 Mammoth Labs […]

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Kush Marketplace Event 6/13 Pre-Registered Retail Shops

There are so many retailers planning to attend our event on Wednesday, 6/13! We already have over 100 shops planning to be there. We expect many more, but this list includes everyone who has already Pre-Registered! If you represent a shop or P/P, please use the link above to pre-register. We have concerns we are going to […]

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Plenty of cannabis to smoke, but no where to smoke it. Models for indoor cannabis consumption.

In states where recreational and medical cannabis is legal there is an ongoing debate on whether or not smoking lounges are an acceptable business establishment to have. One faction is adamant on protecting clean air legislation from becoming lax, and argues that lounges will lead to greater reports of DUI’s. While the other side makes […]

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