FAQ & Exhibitor Information

KushCon Tampa Bay 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about KushCon 2022, a Hemp & Wellness Expo being hosted this August at the Tampa Bay Convention Center!

General Questions

When & Where is the event?
August 6-7th, 2022 at the Tampa Bay Convention Center

When will tickets go on sale for the public?
Tickets to attend KushCon 2022 are Available Now! CLICK HERE

What attendance options do I have?
There will be three different levels for attendance; Trade show, Educational, & VIP. Educational passes will grant you entry into the dozens of educational speaker sessions scheduled each day, and the VIP Passes will give you access to special areas and additional events. More details about all ticket levels Here.

How will things be different since Covid-19?
There will be many precautions taken to ensure that KushCon is a safe event for both vendors and attendees.
– There will be an increase in General Safety Measures taken by the venue
– Regular Hand Sanitation Stations provided by the venue

How many exhibitors will be at KushCon?
Up to 300 Exhibitors and about 100 educational speakers will be at #KushCon2022

Can I become a speaker at THC 2021?
Yes, we’ll be going through applications in advance. Apply Here

Are children allowed?
Yes! This is a Hemp business expo, and there will be no general age limit.

Are animals allowed?
Only Service Animals will be allowed inside the venue. Service animals are to remain on a leash or stay within voice command of the owner. Owners are responsible for pets’ actions and cleanup/disposal of waste. TCC reserves the right to inquire of guests as to the status of any animal brought into the facility.

Will there be food at KushCon?
Options like Big Rays may be open outside of the venue and concession outlets will be available inside the Convention Center.

Is this a consumption event?
Samples of topicals, edibles and other products will be on the show floor, but there is no smoking at this event. Also keep in mind that products need to be both compliant with State and Federal laws (less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC).

Exhibitor Information

How can I attend as a Vendor?
There is limited Sponsorship opportunities, and about 300 booth spaces for purchase at KushCon 2022! Secure your space today by following this link; KushCon Exhibitor Space OR simply emailing us at info@kush.com to get started today.

What are the Sponsorship options for Vendors?
There are a ton of sponsorship options, please write us at info@kush.com, or fill out the Form Here for a head start! Here’s an example of the current offerings;

• Headline Sponsorship – (includes 30×30 booth)
• VIP Sponsorship (includes 20×20 booth)
• Educational Sponsorship (Includes 20×20 booth)
• Networking Reception Sponsorships
• Drinks (VIP and networking reception)
• Napkins (VIP and networking reception)
• Appetizers (VIP and networking reception)
• Cocktails (VIP and networking reception)
• Lanyards
• Charging Hubs
• Swag Bags
• Bag Inserts
• Coffee stations
• And More!

Can Vendors Hand out Samples?

Yes, as long as it is approved in advance; Sample Application Here. Completed applications should be sent to Gina Johnson at galvagnijohnson-gina@aramark.com as soon as possible. All sampling must be requested in advance and follow the general guidelines;

  • CBD Products: Any event in which the sale or distribution of CBD products containing THC must be in compliance with Florida Statute 581.217. Licensee is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of these guidelines. Licensee must also follow the sampling policy listed below for any CBD food samples.
  • Sampling: Requests for any food and/or beverage sampling of products indigenous to the contracted event must be submitted in writing to the Catering Sales Director 45 days prior to contract start date. Specific information regarding the products intended to be sampled and why this is critical to their exhibit booth should be stated in the letter. TCC reserves the right to require alternate arrangements or deny requests if deemed inappropriate.
  • Sampling portions are limited to 2 ounces for food/wine/beer and ½ ounce liquor.
  • Food Preparation/Cooking/Sampling: Cooking on TCC property requires a special permit issued by the TFM. Licensee or designated contractor is responsible for submitting required information and subsequent permit fees to TFM.
  • Is there a limit to the number of products I can hand out as samples? No, the venue just needs the sampling approved! Sample Application Here

Banners/Signs: Sign and banner hanging are exclusive services provided by TCC’s in-house provider. A banner guide of approved locations is available through Encore Event Technologies.

Smoking/Vaping: Smoking and vaping are not permitted on/inside TCC property in compliance with the Florida Clean Indoor Act.

Rigging: All rigging services must be arranged through our exclusive rigging contractor. This includes all truss, motors, and points for both ground supported, and rigging supported by overhead points. All rigging plots, indicating location and weight loads per point, must be submitted to TCC’s exclusive rigging contractor at least 21 days prior to the first move-in day for review and approval.

Email us at info@kush.com