The Road to Tampa 2022: Trade Craft Origin

How Trade Craft Origin is Rethinking Hemp Distribution

How Trade Craft Origin is Rethinking Hemp Distribution

One of the most challenging aspects of the Hemp & Cannabis industry is Distribution. Here’s some ways that Trade Craft Origin is Rethinking Hemp Distribution and connecting some of the largest product manufacturers in the industry with thousands of retail buyers around the United States.

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Sponsoring KushCon 2022

There’s alot of exciting things going on at Trade Craft Origin, but first, we are happy to announce that they will be Sponsoring KushCon 2022 in Tampa Bay this August!

TCO offers strategic partnerships supported with best in class commercial resources that do not require capital investments. Focused, thoughtful, intentional – we are a constant in the ever changing world of cannabis that we are so deeply rooted in. Our partners are unicorns, the best at what they do, relentlessly pursuing perfection and challenging the status quo, resulting in unique problem-solving cannabis products and services. Disruptive.

Rethinking Hemp Distribution

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With a good mixture of Technology and a massive amount of Experience in distributing consumer packaged goods, Trade Craft Origin is the missing puzzle piece for many businesses in the Cannabis industry looking to get their products to market. John Lynch & Kevin Thompson bring their experience working with multinational companies like Starbucks, Coca-Cola & Heineken to the Cannabis industry where they’ve already been aiding some of the biggest brands like PAX & Cresco Labs.

When you pair up with TCO, you’ll not only be connecting with one of the most established distribution networks, but you’ll also be given the tools you need to manage sales, and keep your business growing.

No other agency combines extensive cannabis experience with world-class consumer package goods expertise to achieve your commercial goals. From in-market representation to powerful product launches, innovative custom packaging to immersive e-commerce experiences, consider TradeCraft Origin a high-powered extension of your team.

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