The Hemp & Cannabis Laws in Florida

What's Allowed At KushCon?

The Hemp & Cannabis Laws in Florida

With KushCon coming to Tampa Bay this August, lets clarify all the Hemp & Cannabis laws.

In general, the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp derived CBD and cannabinoid products legal to buy and consume in the United States as long as they aren’t marketed as medicine or found in food or beverages and contain less then .3% THC. But there are exceptions! For example, states like Idaho and Nebraska have not fully adopted the Farm Bill, and there are still places in the United States where CBD is not legal to purchase even in 2022.

Additionally, laws will vary state-to-state with product groups like ‘Full Spectrum’ hemp (that may fall below .3% Delta 9 THC, but above .3% when considering Total THC calculations), and newer cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC that have been banned in nearly 20 states.. so it’s complicated!

Don’t worry, this guide should help clear things up for KushCon!


Florida Hemp Laws: What is Legal at KushCon Tampa?

CBD has been legal in Florida since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Since then, the state issued it’s own regulations (January of 2020) laying out specific guidelines and giving the Department of Agriculture the power to inspect stores and products. Selling things may come with a few regulatory hoops, but buying hemp CBD products is widely legal as long as the products pass the federal Farm Bill standards. Florida was also specific that Delta 9 THC to be less than .3% on the dry weight basis to be considered legal hemp, which makes it legal to sell and possess ‘Full Spectrum’ and Delta 8 products that might be banned in other states.

In Short:

  • Hemp & CBD is legal and Allowed at KushCon 2022 as long as it passes the 2018 Farm Bill standards and contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC
  • Delta-8 has not been banned, neither have similar cannabinoids like Delta-10
  • It is legal to purchase CBD, and Delta 8 Products both in person and online

** Keep in mind that regulations are constantly changing and readers should not consider this article legal advice. Prior to producing, processing, buying, or selling they should consult their own legal counsel familiar with the laws in their state. **

Florida Cannabis Laws: What is NOT Legal at KushCon Tampa?

Is Cannabis (THC) legal in Florida?

Not Yet! Though there is a growing Medical Cannabis market in Florida, the state has not officially decriminalized or legalized Cannabis with more than .3% Delta 9 THC. Within the current Florida Medical Marijuana Laws you are not allowed to possess marijuana flower or buds unless it is sealed in a tamper-proof container sold at a dispensary with a medical prescription card required. Even if you are a patient and have a valid medical marijuana card, it is still illegal to buy, possess or use recreational marijuana from any other source than the approved dispensaries.

In Short:

  • Medical Cannabis has become available in Florida, but possession, using, & selling Cannabis with THC will not be allowed at KushCon and is generally illegal!