Cannabis and Real Estate

06 Aug 2022
16:00 - 16:45
Meeting Room 125

Cannabis and Real Estate

On the 3rd day God created dirt!

Out of all the things you need to be successful in the cannabis industry no one would have ever guessed that the biggest thing is the Dirt! Yes, you read that correctly it’s The Dirt. That ground we walk on. The real estate we dwell in and the commercial properties we run our businesses out of.

Thunder Walker has over 30+ years in real estate and construction development experience. Out of those 30+ years she has worked in every part of the industry. Also, she has successfully developed grows, processing and dispensaries in several states. Thunder is also the Creative for CannaSoul a three day retreat for people of color in the cannabis industry. She has coached women and people of color from start up to successful businesses.

Join Thunder as she explains the importance of choosing the best locations for your business, from zoning to leases and contract negotiations; she covers it. Learn how investing in the Green Zone can increase the appraised value of your  real estate portfolio. And hear her take on what this country needs to help our industry becomes federally legal through Green Back Securities!