Carlos Hayden

CEO, Volition Seed and Hayden Hemp

Carlos Hayden

CEO, Volition Seed and Hayden Hemp
(772) 285-2157


Carlos Hayden maintains several businesses with a strong love of Hemp farming. He continually innovates and shares his sustainable farming philosophy, performs research and development for genetics. Carlos has a wide scope of knowledge in business and farming where his keen understanding of the vast environmental conditions throughout the state of Florida. Carlos practices his understanding of the biological conditions in aiding crops to flourish while maintaining economic soundness. With a goal that every farmer should be able to realize their vision by successfully maintaining self-sustaining operations at the level they desire

• Farm Management
• Farm Operation Assessment
• Organic Farming
• Genetic Research
• Biological Management
• Quality Control
• Crop System Development
• Risk Assessment
• Financial Management
• Emotional Resilience
• Business Management
• Leadership
• Marketing and Business Development
• Technically Competent

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Panel Session: Intro to Growing Cannabis and Hemp

07 Aug 2022
12:00 - 12:45
Meeting Room 124