Lee Spivey

Marketing Liaison, Emerald Coast Organics

Lee Spivey

Marketing Liaison, Emerald Coast Organics
(541) 287-2829


Lee Spivey is an experienced marketing manager, stage performer, and cultivator. Driven by his belief in the mission to empower growers and the planet. He takes pride in providing the best outcomes possible. As a marketing manager, his goals include helping brands grow into nationally recognized companies, he has helped position GEO as a leading industry source of organic cultivation and continues educating consumers on ethical and sustainable growing practices. Lee became an Independent Contractor in January 2022 and is ready to help your brand grow.

Lee has worked in the organic potting soil industry for 9 years, gaining experience in manufacturing operations, organic input materials, grow-site consulting, and product development. Lee is widely known for his outspoken activism, organic soil knowledge, and cannabis expertise as a cultivator. While his musical and corporate engagements have taken him around the country, Lee is excited to see what the future will grow. Please like and Follow his business pages.

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Panel Discussion: Organic Cultivation

07 Aug 2022
16:00 - 16:45
Meeting Room 124