William F. Angolia, Sr.

CEO, THC Clone Doctor Genetics, LLC

William F. Angolia, Sr.

CEO, THC Clone Doctor Genetics, LLC
(202) 420-0660


  • Native Washingtonian, entrepreneur for past 45 years
  • Background in Construction Engineering, Logistics & Management
  • Real Estate Acquisition & Property Management
  • Dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals to find greatness within themselves for the betterment of society
  • National and local cannabis activist instrumental in assisting DCMJ with passage of Initiative 71 in Washington, DC
  • Addressed legislative bodies for advancement of Legalization and right to home grow in DC, MD, VA, PA, NY, NJ, MA, CT and other public officials
  • Founder and CEO of the first private Cannabis Cooperative in Washington, DC
  • One of only two cannabis organizations nationwide, representing the cannabis industry at Trump’s Inaugural 2017
  • First Cannabis Organization to be excepted by mainstream media for commercial advertising in Washington, DC.
  • First Nationwide Cannabis Genetics Facilitator (THC Clone Doctor 2015)
  • First Cannabis AirBnB on the East Coast
  • Set legal precedent in Washington, DC for the right to possess live cannabis plants in public
  • Assisted 100’s from other industry’s with a smooth transaction into Cannabis
  • Ongoing mentoring, coaching and leadership
  • Progressively leading the advancement of Cannabis Tissue Culture Banking (CTCB)

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Panel Discussion: Preparing for Legalization

06 Aug 2022
13:00 - 13:45
Meeting Room 123