Meet the Experts Speaking at #KushConTampa

Where the Hemp & Wellness Industry Comes to Learn

KushCon is your chance to learn from some of the biggest names and most successful brands in the hemp, wellness, and traditional retail space. This is your chance to hear directly from retail buyers, wholesale distributors, producers, processors, legislators and more. Check back weekly to see new speakers added at #KushConTampa.

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Meet Our Speakers

Demarie Bailey


Angela Ardolino

Pet Expert, Your Natural Dog Podcast and House of Alchemy

Devona Renee Austin

Manage of Business Development, Leafly

Sean Tolliver

Co-Founder and CEO, C-Trax

Michael Rich

Founder, ADC - A Distribution Company LLC & Alt Matic

Shawna Vercher

Executive Producer, Cannabis Empire

Adam Wick

Owner, Healthy Hemp Outlet

Lofa Tatupu

ZoneIn CBD

Sabrina Peterson

Founder, Pretty High Co.

Charles J. Rogers

President, QR Code Compliance, PLLC

Gary Stuart Kaminsky

Senior Counsel, Royer Cooper Cohen and Braunfeld

Kim Adams Bohne

DNP CEO, 2 Wolves Inc, 2 Wolves Herbal Apothecary

Robert Tankson

Co-Founder & COO, PrestoDoctor

John Lynch

CEO at Trade Craft Origin

Cassandray Gosa

Founder, chirpRx, LLC

Brianna Bowes

Industry Leader / Co-Founder / Executive Director, Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce / Sunbaked Goods / Nexx Health

Scheril Murray Powell, Esq.

Cannabis Attorney - COO, SMP Law The JUSTÜS Foundation

Devin Aracena

CEO, Canvast Supply Co.

Devin Muller

Founder/Executive Producer, Abracadabra Films

Kylie Werk

Cannabis Director, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

William F. Angolia, Sr.

CEO, THC Clone Doctor Genetics, LLC

Charlena Berry

Author and Chief Operating Officer, The Cake House

Dylan Steeves

Owner/National Sales Director, RDSP Farms

Jeff Greene

CEO, Greene’s Reserve

Thomas Quigley

Business Development, Chill Cawfee

Max Juhasz

SEO, Cannabiz Marketing Solutions

Jason Beck

Founder, AHHS

Victor Karpenko

CEO, MjSeo Agency

Michelle Escalera

Accountant, Accountabis

Rob Levy

Chief Operations Officer, Kudzu Cannabis

Edward Rosenthal

Consultant, AgriCology LLC

Joshua Hoffman

Strategic Advisor, Trade Craft Origin

Teresa Kearney

Vice President of Sales, Panacea Payroll

David B. Wilkinson

Founder & President, The Investment Training Institute, LLC

Aaron Bouren

Co-Founder, CBD Hemp Experts

Dr. Jeff Konin

Clinical Professor, Florida International University

William P. Davis

President, CEO, Euphoria Eats

Nick Walters

Managing Partner, National Hemp Growers Cooperative

Patrick Ryan Quinones

COO/ Owner, Canna Wise Angels/ LVL UP Edibles, Inc.

Carlos Hayden

CEO, Volition Seed and Hayden Hemp

Nichole West

Cannabis Efficiency Specialist, Nichole West inc.

Zach Rohr

Founder & CEO, Minny Grown

Christopher Martin

Managing Partner, DEV Nutraproducts

Atom Freeman

CEO, Bimah

Elston Brown

Marketing Executive, eMagine Web Services, Inc.

Michael Minardi

Attorney, Minardi Law

Brad Bevens

Cheif Distribution Officer, Kush.com

Tim Melnyk

Product Developer, InHeal

Zac Reddy

Head Grower, Hemp U Limited

Paul Vogelzang

Host, The Not Old Better Show

Brandon Anderson-Thayer

Professor of Cannabis Software and Requirements/CEO, The Dispensary Consultant LLC

Shawn Cutter

Owner, Phase 2 Labs

Bill Honaker

Patent Attorney / Equity Partner, Dickinson Wright, PLLC

Colette Florido

Vice President, Florida Cannabis Action Network (FLCAN)

Jude Bond

CEO, Cannaphyll®

Chris Whitener

Chief Communications Officer, MagicalButter

Chad Frey

Founder, flowerz™ | Karma™

Michael Lawson Jr., MS

Founder | CEO, Cannabis Media Collective

Dr. Harry Behzadi

President, CEO of AccuScience Laboratories

Brittany R. Gardner, Esq

Attorney, Gardner Law Group

Ed Schwarz

Product Manager, BLAZE

Jason Tropf

Founder & CEO, Cannabis10x

Morgan Coffey

Chief Science Officer, Star Manufacturing Extraction LLC

Holly Ford

Founder and Vision, Cannabis10X

Kurt Kaufmann

Co-Founder and CEO, Seed Talent

Thunder Walker

CEO & Cannabis Real Estate Advocate, Women Pushing Dirt and Proud Mary Cannabis

Jacob Waddell

Executive Director, US Hemp Building Association

Kat Jankowski

Owner Nirvana Wellness, Co-owner EVOLV, Professor at Daytona State College

Manny Martinez

Head of Manufacturing & Operations, Independent Consulting

Joshua B. Thompson

Owner, Pinnacle Essentials CBD Farmhouse

Lee Spivey

Marketing Liaison, Emerald Coast Organics

Brooke M. Westlake

Founder & Owner, Women in Cannabis Expo & Legally Blonde & Blunt

Dr. Cassandra M. Parks Evans

Relationship, Dating, and Intimacy Coach and Consultant, Let's Learn Love LLC

Nikki Fried

Commissioner of Agriculture, State of Florida

Yasmine Egozi

Head Canna-Goddess M.A., CCC- SLP, CMHP. PlantaRX / CBD + More

Bianca Robinson

Global Project Manager/Business Growth Strategist, Cayden Cay Consulting

Desarie Anderson

Certified Public Accountant, Anderson Accounting and Tax, LLC

Roxanne Deedrick

President, EnviroStar

Catherine M. Zito

CEO, Cannabis Business Solutions, Inc.

Faye Glemaud

Founder & CEO, Virtual Accounting Group

Stacy Carroll

CEO, Cannasseur Consulting

Rocco Petrilli

National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS)

Antoine Chevalier

Doctor, U R The Cure, llc

Marisa Prana

Owner & Founder, Healer, Motivational Speaker, ButterflyPrana

Dominic Medina


Alycia Atwell

CBD Advocate, Green Compass Inc.

Brett Gelfand

Managing Partner, CannaBIZ Collects

TaJanna Mallory

Founder / Florida State Director, CannAssistants / Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana (M4MM)

Olivia Alexander

CEO, Kush Queen

Ramsey Tamimi

Owner, Gas Organics

Scott Giannotti

The Hemp Coach, Cannabis and Hemp Assoc.

Ian Beckles

Owner, Orange 62

Luke Gavin

CEO, Owls

Camilo Borrero

CEO, 315ango

John Spounias

CEO, Incorrigible Candy

Jacob M. Silverstone

Physician/ Business Owner, High Priest Life

Frederic Rocafort

Attorney, Harris Bricken Sliwoski, LLP

Cole Peacock

Founder, Caloosahatchee Cannabis Company