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Booth Number 629

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Stiky Apparel is the new way to express yourself. Featuring the classic slightly-slanted Stiky Stikman character logo, all of the products are “sticky”, incorporating soft and durable Velcro material that allows for the user to make their own personal statement by mixing, matching and swapping custom patches to coincide with any mood and/or event. The goal is to create unique and appealing designs that foster a nostalgic feel mixed with a forward-thinking ideology. Appealing to all ages and cultures, Stiky’s iconic smirk, dimple, wind-blown hair and sunglasses align perfectly with his cool and mysterious persona that gives him the title of “the most interesting stick figure in the world”. He is loved and respected, smart, funny and charming. While on his wildly exhilarating adventures, he’s known to climb the highest mountains and explore the deepest seas in the endless pursuit of all the desires and understanding that one can only dream. Join him and make a Stiky statement of your own today!