Your brand identity should be as much a part of your business model as the product that you sell. Consider that your customer will correlate the quality of your branding and packaging with the quality of your material. If you’re marketing your material as a premium product, avoid making moves that would devalue your product. Or better yet, have a low end line that’s branded separately from your high end line. Find out who your target audience is and stick to it.

Who do you appeal to?

Low end lines – Be aware of your competitors prices, be flexible and change often. Don’t get too flashy with packaging and labor. Spam as many retailers as possible. Know that people are not buying for the quality, but the basic bag appeal for the price point.

High end lines – If you are going to ask a high price, get all the bells and whistles. Look to use marketing terms like ‘Hand Trimmed‘ ‘Cold Cured’ ect. Test for terpenes and any other optional testing that may not be required by the state. Compare your packaging and bag appeal to other brands that are comparable to yours and stay with trends.

Pictures, videos, social media, customer outreach, marketing and in-person visits will be what sells weed. Product quality is still very important, but no longer the entire picture. Put time not only into good looking packaging, but good marketing material to show retailers. Make sure that you’re capable of producing a vivid representation of the product you want to sell. Grainy photos don’t work anymore.

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