Digital Marketing: Proven Strategies During a Public Health Crisis

As the world moves online, a digital marketing strategy is key to sustainable growth. In this special session, Mindbuzz discusses tools and tactics that can help carry your business through the COVID-19 crisis and get ahead of the competition. Join Us Live on September 22, 2020 at 11am PST Learn more and get in touch […]

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Last Prisoner Project’s Prison to Prosperity Reentry Services and Mentorship Program with Vangst

While a key focus of LPP is the release of cannabis prisoners, our work cannot end there. We must also ensure our constituents are able to successfully rebuild their lives post-incarceration. Our reentry services are focused on job creation for formerly incarcerated individuals that have been affected by the criminalization of cannabis. LPP’s “Prison to […]

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Do You Have Insurance that Specifically Covers Cannabis?

Did you know that there are only six large insurers in the United States that are currently offering cannabis-specific coverage? Read More on Have you had your property and liability policy reviewed by a cannabis insurance specialist? Recently a cannabis dispensary asked us for a workers’ comp quote. When we reviewed their existing coverage, we discovered […]

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The Complete Guide to Water Soluble CBD & Nano-Emulsions

One of the most important steps the hemp industry has made was the mastery of water soluble cannabinoids like CBD. As you may know, cannabinoids are usually bonded with fats and oils. Try taking a classic ‘canna-butter’ or tincture with coconut oil and mixing it into your coffee, it won’t! Here’s the Complete Guide to […]

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how to improve air circulation in your indoor cannabis grow room

An Intro to Augmented Biocontrol in Indoor Cannabis

Despite the controlled environment of indoor cannabis cultivation, experienced growers know that pests always find a way in. They can enter because of a number of reasons, many of which are related to lapses in proper sanitation and quarantine procedures such as bringing in infected plants from a nursery, not properly sanitizing clothing before entering […]

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Meet the 2020 Product Guide – Hemp & CBD

The Kush Product Guide will be the most comprehensive catalog of hemp and cannabinoid products in the world. Retailers, consumers and investors are looking for trustworthy, compliant partners in the hemp industry. We aim to make that easier than ever in Winter 2020. Sign up at What is the Kush Product Guide? We know […]

Read More Rules for Full Spectrum Or ‘Hot’ Listings

Nobody likes nitpicking over the numbers, but in today’s world, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here’s the full guide to posting concentrates with small or questionable levels of THC on the wholesale The Legal Opinion Right from the legal team, here’s the guidance we’re operating under; Any product over .3 THC is […]

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Wisconsin Legislative Council: Legality of Delta-8 THC Under Federal and State Controlled Substances Acts

View the official letter regarding the legality of Delta 8 THC here now. TO:  REPRESENTATIVE DAN KNODL FROM:  Michael Queensland, Senior Staff Attorney, and Amber Otis, Staff Attorney RE:  Legality of Delta-8 THC THC Under Federal and State Controlled Substances Acts DATE:  June 29, 2020  You asked whether delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-8 THC) is legal under current […]

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cbd chicken comeback sauce

Cooking with Chef Carosi: Dill Pickle Cornflake Fried Chicken Sandwich with CBD Comeback Sauce

Smoky Cannabis CBD Comeback Sauce Prep Time: 10 minutesYield: About 2 cupsTotal THC/CBD: depends on the dosage/products used Equipment Needed: Medium stainless-steel mixing bowl Whisk Storage container Provisions Needed: 1¼ cup mayonnaise  2 tbsp chili sauce 2 tbsp catsup 2 tbsp chipotle puree 1 tbsp dill pickle juice  1 tsp smoked paprika 2 tsp worchestershire […]

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