Delta 8: Laws In Texas & Rules for the Texas Hemp Convention

As of recently, Texas was considering Texas House Bill 2593 that would have made Delta 8 THC a scheduled substance, but the bill was stricken down! Here’s everything you need to know about the current Delta 8 THC laws, and the rules for the Texas Hemp Convention coming to Dallas, Texas this November. […]

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If you’ve been using the Kush Marketplace for a few years (we started in WA Cannabis back in 2017!), then you’ve seen some major changes to the platform in the past year. Our Premium Membership base has grown, and we’ve been constantly look to add more features and value to the platform! Here’s some of the features we’ve added this summer, and an overview of how they work. […]

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David Angelo Roman: Special Guest At The Texas Hemp Convention 2021!!

We’re happy to announce the first special guest at the Texas Hemp Convention… the esteemed graphic artist currently working on Rick And Morty comics, David Angelo Roman!

David Angelo Roman has worked on many iconic brands including the illustrations for Star Wars, & The Walking Dead Topps cards. See him in Dallas this November at the Texas Hemp Convention! […]

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Last Prisoner Project’s Prison to Prosperity Reentry Services and Mentorship Program with Vangst

While a key focus of LPP is the release of cannabis prisoners, our work cannot end there. We must also ensure our constituents are able to successfully rebuild their lives post-incarceration. Our reentry services are focused on job creation for formerly incarcerated individuals that have been affected by the criminalization of cannabis. LPP’s “Prison to […]

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Join Steve DeAngelo, Andrew DeAngelo and Sarah Gersten for the History of the Last Prisoner Project

Join, along with Andrew DeAngelo, Steve DeAngelo, and Sarah Gersten of the Last Prisoner Project, as they discuss the inspiration for founding the organization that is changing lives across the country as well as the impact it has thus far. Imagine sitting in a cell for years, decades, or even for life, convicted of […]

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