The HempList #54: Nano Cannabinoids & Starting The First Cannabis Testing Lab w/ Nanobiologics

Randy started CannaSafe, a licensed and accredited cannabis laboratory in 2011, the first of its kind in the United States! Chase asks Randy to tell his personal story and how he went from being a chemist to working in the Hemp and Cannabis space with Nanobiologics Research Corp, then gives a detailed breakdown of how our two cannabinoid receptors actually work with cannabinoids. Now Randy has paired up with Billy Malone to manufacture a wide range of nano cannabinoid products, with the focus on water encapsulated nano ingredients rendering 100% bio-availability on cellular uptake.
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If you’ve been using the Kush Marketplace for a few years (we started in WA Cannabis back in 2017!), then you’ve seen some major changes to the platform in the past year. Our Premium Membership base has grown, and we’ve been constantly look to add more features and value to the platform! Here’s some of the features we’ve added this summer, and an overview of how they work.
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