How To Get On The HempList Podcast | First Year Highlights

In just the first few weeks of the Hemplist we’ve already had an amazing dozen or so episodes. There’s been good laughs, the occasional tear, and always something to learn from the Hemp & Cannabis professionals found on the Kush Marketplace. […]

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Delta 8 THC Laws in 2021 & Rules for Selling D8/D10 on (1/17/22 Update)

In 2021, Delta 8 THC laws are a bit unclear. Here’s the Basics surrounding D8 / D10 sales in your state, and what has done to keep the Kush Marketplace compliant for buying and selling Delta 8 THC. […]

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Delta 8: Laws In Texas & Rules for the Texas Hemp Convention

As of recently, Texas was considering Texas House Bill 2593 that would have made Delta 8 THC a scheduled substance, but the bill was stricken down! Here’s everything you need to know about the current Delta 8 THC laws, and the rules for the Texas Hemp Convention coming to Dallas, Texas this November. […]

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If you’ve been using the Kush Marketplace for a few years (we started in WA Cannabis back in 2017!), then you’ve seen some major changes to the platform in the past year. Our Premium Membership base has grown, and we’ve been constantly look to add more features and value to the platform! Here’s some of the features we’ve added this summer, and an overview of how they work. […]

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How To Create A Product & Product Promotions On | Tutorials

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to make a new product listing on from scratch. We’ll also you how to promote a product and really make an impression on the marketplace! […]

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Kush DirectPay

Kush DirectPay: Payment Processing for the Hemp Industry

Payment Processing Now Part of’s Marketplace Online payment processing has been one of the toughest challenges in the Hemp industry to date. Many vendors and distributors have been forced into a cash business with few options for credit card payment. Thankfully, things just got a lot simpler with’s DirectPay. What Is Kush DirectPay? […]

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Kush Storefronts -B2B Transactions Made Easy

Don’t have a website yet? We’ve got you covered! The Kush Storefront will be a personalized website where buyers can find all your hemp products in one place, and you can take easy online sales. […]

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Meet the 2020 Product Guide – Hemp & CBD

The Kush Product Guide will be the most comprehensive catalog of hemp and cannabinoid products in the world. Retailers, consumers and investors are looking for trustworthy, compliant partners in the hemp industry. We aim to make that easier than ever in Winter 2020. Sign up at What is the Kush Product Guide? We know […]

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Data Analytics and The Future of Price Forecasting in the Hemp and Cannabis Industry

As a company, has always had a massive treasure trove of useful data. In the past, much of this data was left to the wayside. Periodically, Kush has analyzed historical data and written posts explaining the ongoing trends. Forecasting for stakeholders has also become a staple of‘s content. Checkout 2020 Wholesale Prices Here […]

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Introducing Weekly CBD Isolate Auctions

CBD Isolate is quickly becoming one of the hottest items on Kush Marketplace, but the market is remains unique. Pricing for CBD Isolate is extremely volatile.  Within the span of a month, Kush has seen average prices drop from $7,000/kg to around $5,500/kg. With a market this unstable, it is vital to keep historical data […]

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