Data Analytics and The Future of Price Forecasting in the Hemp and Cannabis Industry

As a company, has always had a massive treasure trove of useful data. In the past, much of this data was left to the wayside. Periodically, Kush has analyzed historical data and written posts explaining the ongoing trends. Forecasting for stakeholders has also become a staple of‘s content. Checkout 2020 Wholesale Prices Here […]

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Introducing Weekly CBD Isolate Auctions

CBD Isolate is quickly becoming one of the hottest items on Kush Marketplace, but the market is remains unique. Pricing for CBD Isolate is extremely volatile.  Within the span of a month, Kush has seen average prices drop from $7,000/kg to around $5,500/kg. With a market this unstable, it is vital to keep historical data […]

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Join Kush at NOCO 2019 for Our Group Buys

Group buys at NOCO Kush Group buys are a feature that is becoming increasingly popular on the Marketplace.  The group buys allow smaller companies to band their orders together to get large volume pricing on their smaller, individual, orders.  This month we have some great group buys that we are extending through the NOCO Hemp […]

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In Short To get started, go to and make a free account. As long as you provide all your licensing information the account should be quickly verified, but if not, you’ll be asked to schedule a call to get your account validated over the phone. From there listing and buying products is free. You’ll […]

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Group Buys are LIVE

Earlier this week we announced a new feature on the Kush Marketplace  for purchasing and selling bulk ancillary products within the cannabis industry. Group Buys give buyers, of all size, the power to organize with fellow farms and make organized purchases at great prices, while giving sellers an easy way to distribute large amounts of […]

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futures contracts

Contracts ‘Beta’

Have you ever signed up for a subscription service that sends you something like shaving cream, or socks delivered to your door on a regular basis? Check Out The Contracts Feature As a part of a huge push we’re making to streamline the platform, we’ve launched a system that will allow users to post and […]

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Feature: CBD Spot Buy

A one time purchase of a commodity is known as a spot buy.  These purchases are subject to the current market rates, and can fluctuate week to week. Kush Marketplace launched a new feature called Spot Buys. This tool features the best deal on a commodity, starting with CBD Isolate.   You will find this new […]

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Group Buys ‘Beta’

Check out the Group Buy Feature What if we could all organize and use the marketplace to get better prices on everything from soil to glass jars? What if even the smallest farms could benefit from the industry’s buying power? Kush Marketplace has launched a streamlined process for bulk purchasing and selling ancillary products within […]

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4 Tips to Help You Succeed on the Marketplace.

The Kush Marketplace is still getting busier and busier. Stay organized and don’t let things slip through the cracks! Here are a few tips that will help you succeed and close deals over the platform. Communication is Key Lack of Communication is one of the biggest factors with deals that fall through in the wholesale […]

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Kush Marketplace Updates

Here at Kush Marketplace, The Development team has been working tirelessly the past couple of months to bring you the best in 2019. Check out the new updates to the mobile and online platform below! Mobile Platform Updates The mobile platform has been totally redesigned with double columns on the home page for increased product […]

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