how will corona virus affect hemp and cannabis farmers

How Will COVID-19 Affect Hemp and Cannabis Farmers in 2020?

The COVID-19 pandemic posses special challenges for everyone, especially farmers. What started in the cities on both coasts will infect the farm belt too and when it does it will present unique challenges. Join the Largest Network of Hemp and Cannabis Professionals, >> Farmers live in rural areas in sparsely populated communities. With fewer […]

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Canna Business Beware: Surge In Remote Work and Online Ordering Puts Cyber Risk in the Spotlight

With uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for everyone to do their part by practicing “social-distancing,” or in many states “sheltering in place” we realize that these are not normal times for Americans. Small businesses have had to scramble and enact contingency plans to keep their employees and workers safe, […]

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Transactional Risk Insurance

Now that the cannabis industry in maturing the market is seeing more and more mergers and acquisitions.  There are numerous reasons for this trend ranging from a need for consolidation as companies become MSOs (multi-state operators), vertical integration in order to control processes and efficiencies and simply consolidating for the reason of leveraging power over retailers […]

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The Recent History of Shipping Hemp

Hemp is federally legal. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, any grey area surrounding hemp’s legality has disappeared. Yet, many hemp companies face logistical hurdles preventing them from operating like normal businesses. Shipping unprocessed hemp remains as one of the chief challenges for hemp companies. As the number of places growing hemp increases and the supply-chains […]

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Can you trust CBD products

What You Should Know When Buying CBD Products

Cannabidiol, better known by its abbreviated moniker “CBD”, lines the shelves of our neighborhood grocery stores; it boasts an impressive collection of standalone pop-ups in malls, shopping centers and farmers’ markets. We share CBD with our pets. Its mysterious properties help us sleep, calm our anxieties and reduce our inflammation. Some hail CBD for its […]

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How Heavy Metals and Pesticides are Getting Into CBD Oil

By Dr. John O’Connor PhD and Shawn Valor One of the big issues plaguing the hemp and cannabis industries is the presence of Heavy metals and Pesticides in CBD oil. These substances, in mass, when in tinkters can lead to headaches, body aches in some, and an overall low feeling that counters the benefits of […]

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Understanding the Dangers of the USDA’s Interim Hemp and CBD Interim Rules

By Dr. John O’Connor Ph.D. and Shawn Valor The USDA just dropped a bombshell on the CBD industry using Kentucky inspired set laws that will leave many farmers in ruin. In the report they confirmed and stated that over 70% of farmer went into CBD hemp growing and just put through regulation that are only […]

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Early Frost Hits the Cannabis Harvest in Eastern WA

A record setting frost hit this year in Eastern Washington. How will this effect cannabis farms and the wholesale marketplace? […]

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are your lab results accurate

Don’t Get Busted: Avoiding Fake Lab Reports for THC

Lab reports, or a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), are necessary in to ensure that THC levels are below legal limits. Avoid fake lab reports with […]

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