how will corona virus affect hemp and cannabis farmers

How Will COVID-19 Affect Hemp and Cannabis Farmers in 2020?

The COVID-19 pandemic posses special challenges for everyone, especially farmers. What started in the cities on both coasts will infect the farm belt too and when it does it will present unique challenges. Join the Largest Network of Hemp and Cannabis Professionals, >> Farmers live in rural areas in sparsely populated communities. With fewer […]

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Canna Business Beware: Surge In Remote Work and Online Ordering Puts Cyber Risk in the Spotlight

With uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need for everyone to do their part by practicing “social-distancing,” or in many states “sheltering in place” we realize that these are not normal times for Americans. Small businesses have had to scramble and enact contingency plans to keep their employees and workers safe, […]

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Transactional Risk Insurance

Now that the cannabis industry in maturing the market is seeing more and more mergers and acquisitions.  There are numerous reasons for this trend ranging from a need for consolidation as companies become MSOs (multi-state operators), vertical integration in order to control processes and efficiencies and simply consolidating for the reason of leveraging power over retailers […]

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Large Scale Cultivation Planning: Important Factors to Consider

Before you begin any large-scale cultivation, there are four important factors to consider. Failure to do so will cost you, in both time and money, and could lead to failure. While the factors below may be the most important, there are many things you must deal with before you begin. You should hire a cultivation […]

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Cannabis and Immunity: What You Need to Know

A healthy immune system is essential for survival. Humans have been using the Cannabis sativa plant for its health-boosting properties for thousands of years. Hemp benefits were first recorded around 3000 B.C., but the use of cannabis and hemp products dates back even earlier.  The exact effects that cannabis has on the body aren’t fully understood yet. Let’s explore how […]

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In the Field: Is Your Soil Ready?

Indoor growers and those that have total control greenhouses have a never-ending cycle where they are constantly doing everything from transplanting to harvesting.  In the field, we do things a little differently. In the field, we have to do them right, because we may only get one shot. The costs associated with large outdoor plantings, the […]

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Massachusetts Cannabis

State of the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry: March 2020

The state of the Massachusetts cannabis industry is young. It’s been a little over a year since Massachusetts started recreational sales in November 2018. has been here before. Coming from Seattle Washington, where sales started back in June 2014, we have firsthand experience with new states entering the market. While many challenges remain the […]

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Marketing Pulse for Cannabis Brands

The green rush is here. With CBD and Hemp being federally legalized, and Marijuana legalization happening in more and more states, it seems the opportunity and timing to get into Cannabis is happening right before our eyes. With that said, there are hundreds of competing brands, layer that with limiting go to market opportunities, legal […]

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Control Your Chaos

The legal cannabis industry doubled in revenue from 2015 to 20201, there are multiple challenges associated with this growth.  Many companies are looking at sources of chaos in the industry such as regulations, financial and technical growth challenges.  But the successful companies will also be considering their most influential source of chaos…their people.  In times of major change, […]

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