Understanding the Dangers of the USDA’s Interim Hemp and CBD Interim Rules

By Dr. John O’Connor Ph.D. and Shawn Valor The USDA just dropped a bombshell on the CBD industry using Kentucky inspired set laws that will leave many farmers in ruin. In the report they confirmed and stated that over 70% of farmer went into CBD hemp growing and just put through regulation that are only […]

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Early Frost Hits the Cannabis Harvest in Eastern WA

A record setting frost hit this year in Eastern Washington. How will this effect cannabis farms and the wholesale marketplace? […]

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are your lab results accurate

Don’t Get Busted: Avoiding Fake Lab Reports for THC

Lab reports, or a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), are necessary in to ensure that THC levels are below legal limits. Avoid fake lab reports with Kush.com […]

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Hail Damage Cause Major Losses to Central Oregon Hemp Farmers

Last weekend, Central Oregon was pummeled by hail causing widespread losses to local hemp farmers. Take a look: 🔊 Sound up! 🔊Intense #hail Friday covered the ground in Tumalo, #Oregon! More storms for the northwest U.S. today – we're tracking it on WeatherNation pic.twitter.com/FIXkd60Xnw — WeatherNation (@WeatherNation) August 10, 2019 August 10th, four inches of […]

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America is Growing 8X the Amount of CBD Hemp It Can Consume And Prices Are Crashing

If you’re farming hemp this year, it might be a good time to panic. The US can only reasonably consume 22.5M lbs of 10% CBD Hemp in a year, and we’re currently growing closer to 180M. Here is a quick look at the current hemp surplus we are staring in the face: That’s 8X what […]

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Data Analytics and The Future of Price Forecasting in the Hemp and Cannabis Industry

As a company, Kush.com has always had a massive treasure trove of useful data. In the past, much of this data was left to the wayside. Periodically, Kush has analyzed historical data and written posts explaining the ongoing trends. Forecasting for stakeholders has also become a staple of Kush.com‘s content. As a founder, I’m super […]

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Wholesale Cannabis Shortage Facing Washington State

Holy Shortage! (for now) In the Washington Wholesale Cannabis market there’s been a shortage. Let’s look at the numbers and try to found out why. Demand > Supply = Raising Prices A picture (or chart) speaks a thousand words; Everything points to a shortage on the Washington Marketplace which isn’t bad news for everybody. Farmers […]

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The CBD Isolate Crash of Q2 2019

In May 2019, the hemp industry experienced a pricing crash like never seen before. Over the course of 45 days, the average cost of CBD dropped 30%. There are also indicators that CBD prices will continue to decrease. […]

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USDA Clears Hemp Seeds for Import Into US

USDA Clears Hemp Seeds for Import

Since the passage of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, hemp producers have found themselves in a tricky predicament. Hemp cultivation and production is finally legal at a federal level. But where to start? Let’s turn to the USDA. The law allows provisions for hemp cultivation and removes hemp and hemp seeds from the Drug […]

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Introducing Weekly CBD Isolate Auctions

CBD Isolate is quickly becoming one of the hottest items on Kush Marketplace, but the market is remains unique. Pricing for CBD Isolate is extremely volatile.  Within the span of a month, Kush has seen average prices drop from $7,000/kg to around $5,500/kg. With a market this unstable, it is vital to keep historical data […]

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