Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Cannabis Companies

The backbone of the cannabis industry is its workers. Like any other agricultural job, workers in the cannabis industry often work long hours consisting of strenuous physical labor and repetitive work. If an employee is injured or gets sick from a work-related cause, a cannabis business owner could be financially responsible for the claim. A claim could result in an expensive settlement to an injured employee with wage replacement, medical care and rehabilitation, and the possibility of a lawsuit related to the work injury. Typically, compensation is offered in exchange for the surrender of any legal right to sue the employer responsible for the injury.

If you are a cannabis business owner or operator, you should protect your company by carrying workers’ compensation insurance, designed specifically for the cannabis industry and type of operation. Whether you are a cannabis cultivator, processor, manufacturer, testing lab, dispensary, landlord or ancillary business that works with marijuana, your business is unique and requires an insurance program that fits your specific needs —

allowing you to operate without the fear of insurance gaps or legal trials and tribulations. 

Workers’ comp insurance provides significant benefits to help bring your injured employee back to work, and has two main components:

  1. Unlimited coverage for medical costs and lost time if applicable
  2. Coverage for liability up to $1,000,000 (which can be increased with an Excess policy)

As your company grows and adds employees, injuries may be more common – especially in cannabis-related jobs. From start-ups to large multi-state operators, business owners and operators need to take time to review safety procedures to prevent workplace injuries. Training workers on safety and injury prevention is more important than ever as workers’ compensation claims revolve around safety in the workplace. While not all claims can be prevented, cannabis business owners and operators need to protect their company and all employees from unforeseen workplace accidents. There are numerous risks that workers may face in the cannabis industry workplace, including:

  • Slipping or tripping and falling
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Exposure to toxins from fertilizers and pesticides
  • Improper ventilation that can lead to toxic mold exposure
  • Excessive UV exposure from indoor growing lamps
  • Carbon dioxide  inhalation
  • Interactions between water and electricity
  • Possible burns and electrical shocks from malfunctioning or improperly wired equipment
  • Heat-stress injuries from working outside
  • Cuts and lacerations when plants are harvested, and more

Protect your company from potential accidents that could negatively or catastrophically impact your business and revenue. Work with a trusted and knowledgeable insurance partner who specializes in cannabis, provides you with quality insurance coverage and excellent service, and ensures seamless claims handling at the time of loss.

PAK Programs specializes in workers’ compensation and all lines of cannabis insurance, with access to the entire insurance market to source and provide cannabis companies with the best available quality coverage at very competitive prices. At PAK, your business is our specialty! To get started and obtain an insurance quote, contact me at:, or call 1-888-386-5701 X-2223. Also check out our cannabis insurance website.

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