The HempList #31: Delta 8 THC, Minor Cannabinoids & Starting a CBD Restaurant w/ Canna Bloom Farmacy

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In Summary

Stephanie Lembke, Owner of Canna Bloom Farmacy, joins us on the HempList this week. Hosted By Chase Nobles, Founder of

Stephanie runs a few different businesses in the Hemp space and really shows passion for cannabinoids and the potential they have to help people! She really was a pioneer in getting Delta 8 THC sales going on, and even goes into other under appreciated cannabinoids she’s working with now. Finally, learn about how she’s started a CBD Infused Restaurant in Wisconsin, which may be one of the first of it’s kind!

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hey everybody chase nobles here over at we’ve got
stephanie here from canna bloom farmacy
welcome to the show stephanie
hi how are you today doing well doing
well i’m
i’ve got your storefront actually pulled
up on here
um you know you’re a really high
performer on the platform what’s the
secret how have you all been able to be
so successful over the last year
i think the most important thing is
giving high quality service
to everybody and i always
am wanting to help people answer
questions and
you know that kind of thing so i believe
it’s really important that
everybody kind of comes to the table
together and you know help each other
out and answer questions
and you know just
be you know on the same page i guess oh
that’s fair and
you’ve got your hands in a little bit of
from reading through your bio you’re
doing so many different things i’m
where did it start how did you get into
this and then
how did it become you know kind of the
the mini empire you have right now there
in wisconsin
so i guess what happened was um i mean i
was doing inspections for
like 17 years and i went to a restaurant
one day
and i saw a cbd shop and
i was like what’s that because i saw the
you know pot leaf and
my son was like oh mom it’s this new
thing called cbd
so i did some research and i was like
wow you know and i always wanted to do
something different and help people
and so i did a lot of research i became
a certified cbd coach
and i opened a store and i kind of like
partnered up with different people
throughout the way you know had
different mentors that taught me
different things
and probably i don’t know about a year
or so ago
i saw a ad for delta h
and i was like wow you know that’s
illegal thc
because it’s not legal in wisconsin and
i was like that’s going to be big
so i was actually the first person to
sell delta 8 on your
website so um we
i you know had joined with some people
we started making delta carts and
different products
and so now i’m just kind of like an
artist and i find different ways to use
delta eight and
i believe in all the cannabinoids so
we’ve been looking into like thcv
we do a lot with cbg cbt
cbn um cbc
so we’ve been making all kinds of
different things with
all the different cannabinoids hey you
you listed kind of all of the ones
all of the up and coming cannabinoids
just now
and you know you mentioned delta eight
which is the big one
right and i’m sure you remember the
conversations of having to go back and
forth with the legal team
how do we do this you know how do we
avoid taking certain risks
and you had so many documents put
together i remember you
sending me a letter who was the letter
from i’m trying to remember
it was the department of um legislative
council for the state of wisconsin
to and it was saying opinion right
correct and that was uh i wanted to make
right and you know coming from a
background where you were doing
inspections i assume
restaurant inspections inspecting
kitchens things like that
actually it was houses houses oh you’re
inspecting houses but
even even when you’re doing that you you
know there’s kind of
the the book of codes and
regulations and you uh in order to jump
into this business
i’m sure you had to jump into all of the
specs all the regs to be able to operate
the business that you all operate
correct right and that’s what i wanted
to make sure that i was doing everything
because i want it you know like it’s
pretty much kind of a
touchy subject delta it is it’s been in
the news so much about like the dea
wanting to shut it down and the thing is
that it’s
so helpful to people and it’s such a
better thing
for a lot of people that have so many
problems you know and
a lot of people at least my customers
they prefer it to the regular marijuana
they have a clear head and it doesn’t
give them the anxiety
so it’s kind of been a godsend for
a lot of my customers i mean i could
tell you
stories i mean i have one guy who used
to be on four pain medications and
now he takes delta eight and some cbd
and he’s off all four pain medications
wow wow i mean i think that’s pretty
that is incredible now with kind of the
dea announcement
and you know changing federal
regulations people
expect things to change on the delta 8
front but they also expect things to
change on the legality of the federal
legality of thc in general
what do you think is gonna happen do you
have any insight um with with
you know the network in wisconsin well i
did know
that the governor just put out something
saying that he’s putting a bill out to
make marijuana legal
in wisconsin he’s already finding ways
spend the money so i’m kind of guessing
that it might not be too far away
right for wisconsin that is if that
happened would you move into the
recreational space to be able to sell
thc out of your dispensary as well
if i can yes but i mean i also believe
that i would also do the delta aids
because like i said i have people
that i know that used to smoke marijuana
and they’ve now crossed over because
they actually
prefer delta h so i would never give up
it is kind of like my baby so um
i would never give that up but i would
sell it because
obviously that’s something that people
of course i’m all about helping my
now you have a huge range of products
but you also have a couple of different
businesses that you’re that you’re
operating or at least business models
way that you make
money what what are those you know you
have you have
i know of a couple but i was reading
through your bio that you sent me and i
was kind of
surprised to see a bunch of things in
there that i had no idea that
candlebloom did
right so i have a retail store in
hartford wisconsin
and that’s a pretty big one we actually
even have like a girl right on site
i have a cbd infused restaurant
in the ocean wisconsin and i’m actually
the first in wisconsin to go through the
health department and actually
be licensed as a cbd infused restaurant
through like the department of health so
i think i’m the only one
i’m not aware of another one right now
so i do have the restaurant and what did
that take to get set up from a
restaurant standpoint and working with
the actual department of health on doing
well it was a long involved process and
i had to
because they never had it happen before
so i had
like the health inspector i had the
health inspectors manager
they all came and then they also had to
have like legal people
and everybody like conversate and talk
about it
i had to show them my products and like
what i was going to infuse in the food
i had to give them the full panel coas
and you know then they like looked into
all of that information
and once they came and did a lengthy
i got i passed so that must have been
kind of nerve-wracking but also
incredibly rewarding
at the end of the day it was i mean it’s
sad because i mean
you know it was kind of crazy of me
because i did it in the middle of
copen right but you know i mean it was a
small town
and i really love this space it’s really
i just wish that more you know i have
like a pot leaf in my logo
so it kind of put off some people and so
we’re still trying to grow it right now
it’s not the busiest
but the people that do come in really
love it and
they you know they enjoy coming in and
the ambience and i got a great customer
you know staff our staff you know so
people are really liking it we’re
growing more and more every day so
that’s a good thing and what what kind
of food are you infusing
is it like american food what are we
working with
right so we have pretty much everything
we have the coffee drinks
we have the smoothies malts um we have
any kind of food we have breakfast food
eggs and french toast and pancakes
and then we also have like sandwiches we
have paninis
and chicken sandwiches hamburgers so
i don’t believe in fried food so i don’t
have fried food but
other than that they can have anything
that they want
and then we have like um nano technology
cbd shots and those shots can be put
into any
kind of drink we have beer and wine i
have um
local wine and craft beers
so you can actually put the nano shots
right into
your beer wine coffee drink anything
water soluble wow what an amazing
experience i can imagine
taking uh you know taking some friends
to a place like this just for a unique
experience especially if
you know i haven’t really heard of a cbd
restaurant in america
so you it’s possible to be the first one
that would be awesome i wish more people
would come and see it because it’s
pretty awesome
well i’m sure kovat is having an impact
there but i’m sure
you’re licensed as a cbd coach what does
that mean what does that entail
how do you um perform that job duty with
everything else going on
so i mean i could be a consultant but i
really don’t
believe in charging people to help them
mostly what it is is when people come in
talk to them find out what kind of
issues they’re having what they need
and then i go through my products with
them and i believe
in samples so i always let them try
to see if it works for them and
so that’s pretty much what it is it’s
like you’re just kind of
talking to them about their symptoms and
then figuring out
what would products would be best
helpful for them
got it and what did becoming a certified
cbd coach entail
it was like a 10 hour course yeah it was
just online
so okay great there’s all kinds of
different courses out there but
they and they all have a certain amount
of value so it’s it’s nice to go through
something because
you know you could be an expert in a
space but always learn something from
another course or another certification
right i’m always trying to i have a son
has like adhd and um oppositional
so i’m always trying to find products
you know that help
kids and that will you know help them
live a better life so that’s kind of an
that i’m like trying to excel in
outside of delta eight and cbd what are
what are the cannabinoids that you’re
looking at the most for your next line
of products i know you use a lot of them
already but
where are you most excited about where
do you see the market going
over the next 18 months well i think
that cbg
is really underrated so
i think that a cbg is an awesome
awesome cannabinoid and i think that
once people really understand it
that it might go farther i mean i have
cbg tinctures that i make and i had a
who had brain cancer and he took this
cbg tincture
for like four months and his brain
cancer went away and he
never had chemo so i mean i think that’s
just by itself so i wish there was more
available i wish the the federal
government would make this research
easier to attain because until then
everything’s anecdotal you know we can’t
say that anything cures anything we
can’t you know say that it even
you know um uh treats anything right
because there’s
such a little research and the the fda
is kind of in the way there what uh what
do you think is gonna happen on that
front when it comes to
um the research behind cannabinoids
because as far as minor cannabinoids go
you’re you’re creating so many different
products with so many different miners
i’m sure you get some information but
what would you like to see on the
research front
i think it would be great if a lot of
the hospitals
and colleges did more research and
seen what these cannabinoids can do
i also think that there’s so many things
that it can do
and i believe that fda will probably
finally step
in in the next couple years and they’ll
what everything is doing and how it’s
going to help people
because there’s so many people on so
many medications
that don’t need to be i mean i have and
i never tell somebody that it’s gonna
cure anything
all i can tell is people what
experiences i’ve had
and say this is what i’ve seen happen
and you know you never make promises to
because every person’s tolerance is
different everybody’s body is different
so everybody is going to react
differently to
every product so you can never make any
but i mean i i’ve just seen a lot of
great things happen
going through some of these other minors
that you have here cbc
cbt and thcv what
what excites you about those what are
they are they more in kind of the
curiosity category are you actually
looking at creating
um you know major product lines around
these minor cannabinoids
well i’ve started making different
things like
cbn tinctures and i have a vape cart
that has cbc and cbn
in it and cbc i’ve no we’re doing a lot
of research and development with this
stuff so
it’s i haven’t really put a lot of it
out there but i do have a cbc
cbn card and the people that have tried
have said it has helped them a lot with
nerve paint
so the cbc has so
you know that’s a couple people we’re
always like researching and developing
to see you know what does it do and you
know i have
wait i have a little mini factory here
now and we make cbg delta eight
and the great thing about those are is
that they’re a lot
smoother and they’re just really helpful
to people
so um a lot of times like they’ll
take stuff home and research and you
know try it and
come back and give me their feedback so
that we can we’re always trying to
improve everything
got it and you’re going to be down at
the texas hemp convention this year i
believe correct
i’m going to be there yep so super
excited to
have you at the show anybody that’s
thinking about going to the texas him
stephanie limbic is going to be there
she’s going to have a booth set up and
you can see all of her products you can
also find her on
and if you live in wisconsin or
traveling to wisconsin we recommend
checking out her store and her
so thank you so much stephanie it’s been
a pleasure talking with you today and
excited to see where things go over the
next year
thank you so much if anybody can contact
me and ask me anything

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