Delta 8 Remains Legal in Texas: HAA Lobbyists Win Big Battle

(Co-Written by MC Nutraceuticals)

We hope this finds you well! We are MC Nutraceuticals: the worldโ€™s largest distributor of bulk cannabinoids. In addition to supplying the globe, we have become one of the most influential and active hemp lobbyists on behalf of cannabis and cannabinoid legalization. It is with great excitement that we share our latest lobbying update: last week we helped stop the D8 ban in Texas with a court-ordered injunction. That means Delta 8’s legality under Texas law is restored and business can flourish again.

Some background… In 2021 Texas overstepped its authority as a State by adding Delta 8 to a Controlled Substance Schedule under the Texas Controlled Substances Act. If left in place, this would have certainly decimated the Texas hemp industry and deprived people of healthy consumable choices.

Fortunately, Hometown Hero and others like ourselves were successful in making these claims to a Texas court–Read Here. Yet the fight is not over and there are many more legal battles ahead like the one going on in Virginia.

If you, too, want a voice in shaping our future please consider donating to the Healthy Alternatives Association. Its mission is to protect every Americanโ€™s right to a healthier life by expanding consumable choices beyond those provided by Big Pharma. To further it, HAA lobbyists are involved across the country advocating for pro hemp legislation and defeating draconian laws wherever they exist.

In 2023 alone, the Healthy Alternatives Association has been instrumental in protecting hemp in Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

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