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Booth Number 821

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The company that introduced Al Capone premium cigarillos in the US market, Inter-Continental Cigar (ICC), was established in 1996. Since launching Al Capone products over 25 years ago, ICC has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the US natural tobacco leaf, and hand rolled market.

In 2016, following an increasing demand for all-natural tobacco leaf wraps, ICC launched Al Capone Wraps. They quickly took their rightful place as the most premium tobacco leaf used for rolling. The Al Capone wraps match most of the rollers needs. Al Capone Wraps come packed in individual pouches so they are always fresh. They don’t have thick veins, and the leaf is stretchy. They come pre-cut to the perfect size and ready to roll, with a self-adhesive strip for easy closure. Slow Burning for the perfect smoking experience. Available in 3 flavors: Original, Cognac & Rum.