The Road to Tampa 2022:

How is Taking Hemp & Cannabis Business to the Next Level

How is Taking Hemp & Cannabis Business to the Next Level

Not only is Hemp & Cannabis generally a new market in the United States, but it’s also an Industry born in the Digital Era! New opportunities exist around every corner in the emerging industries, but organizing, marketing, and distributing cannabis products hasn’t been easy for businesses of all sizes.. until

Hosting KushCon 2022

There’s plenty to cover when it comes to and how it’s helped thousands of Hemp & Cannabis professionals connect on the compliant and easy to use website.. But did you know we’re also the team that hosts events like The Texas Hemp Convention, Oregon Hemp Convention and now KushCon?!

Our mission statement is simple: is here to make it easier for the Hemp & Cannabis industry to conduct sales, and connect. KushCon and other events fit right into the mission, and we believe getting together in person is crucial in everything from building sales channels to securing a strong supply chain.

Taking Hemp & Cannabis to the Next Level

If you haven’t seen yet, sign up for a free account today!

Consumers can check out the wide variety of legal hemp products available all around the United States, and hemp businesses can search for wholesale hemp, or list products to sell. allows even the newest hemp startup to create a fully functional online store with credit card payment processing, and gives any business in the industry exposure in front of thousands of active buyers!

In Short:

  • Sign Up for Free at to create an account with just basic contact information needed.
  • All Businesses are validated for sales and ‘Wholesale Only‘ purchases, but consumers are welcome to sign up
  • DirectPay allows sellers to connect a Square payment processing account to their products for easy online payments
  • Storefronts Allow sellers to create a branded online store they can share anywhere, equipped with Credit Card processing and a functional shopping cart in just a few minutes

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