Kush Storefronts – Online Hemp Transactions Made Easy

The Kush Marketplace has taken another step towards simplifying the Hemp & Cannabis Industry.

What is a Kush Storefront?

Don’t have a website yet? We’ve got you covered!

The Kush Storefront will be a personalized website where buyers can find all your hemp products in one place, and you can make easy online sales. You’ll have a custom URL to share, a space to add videos, branding, and the ability to share your companies story on a professional and functional website.

Buyers will have the option to ask questions or make offers like normal, but additionally they can ‘Add to Cart’ and purchase multiple products at the same time, with no additional negotiations from your end!

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How to setup a Kush Storefront

Setting up a storefront is easy if you already have a Kush Marketplace account. Once your a Premium Member, and you have products uploaded, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes!

First, you can get to the Edit Store page from the storefront logo, the ‘My Store’ option in the menu, or from the ‘My Account‘ page. Once your in the Edit Store page, it might look like this;

From here we need to start adding the design elements like a Logo, and the page Banner. If your making a banner or logo from scratch we would recommend using these dimensions / pixel ratios;

Company Logo Size = 132 x 132 pixels
Banner Size = 1046 x 300 pixels

The ‘Promo Item’ is a great space for any additional photos or a short video clip (just email to info@kush.com), but you can also choose to Feature one of your storefront products in the spot instead.

Once you have your Logo, Banner, and Promo Item chosen, all that’s left is a detailed Description before choosing your storefront products. When writing a description, feel free to share your Company history, location, contact info, or anything that a buyer might want to know before purchasing through your store.

Finally, lets add some products to your store! If you already have kush.com listings, you’ll just need to check the Checkbox from the ‘Add Products’ pop up. Additionally, if you have new products to include, you can choose the ‘Add Product’ button to start a new product from scratch;

Almost done, lets finish your store by choosing Acceptable Payment Methods, and making your store Visible to the Public from the 3rd tab Settings.

When your done you should have a great looking Storefront complete with your own branding, products available for easy purchases, and a custom URL that you can use on your own social media and marketing outlets.

Annual Premium Membership (Save $$)

It’s time to upgrade to the Annual Premium Subscription!

Storefronts are only available to Premium Members. Why not save on the subscription and pay a one time fee for the entire year of kush.com access. More features are coming out every quarter, like payment processing, grab the Premium Membership to get access to everything Kush can offer.

The Premium Membership costs $99/mo or $999 for the year. We almost always have specials running for the the Annual Upgrade, just reach out to see what we can offer. Email us at info@kush.com if you have any questions about your storefront or kush.com.

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