Hemp Seeds: A Step-By-Step Guide on Growing Hemp

Growing industrial hemp Hemp is a dynamic crop that is easy to grow, maintain, and harvest. It also has a multitude of uses from medicinal to manufacturing. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you begin growing hemp seeds. What You’ll Need Planting Supplies Hemp Seeds Water Source Well Draining Soil (ph6-7.5) Garden Shovel (for […]

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What are the Methods for Extraction and Refinement?

Looking for a basic understanding of popular methods for cannabis extraction? We’ve got you covered. Often times differences in final products that come from the extraction method are slight. By the time the concentrate is refined those differences may not even apply to your use case. On the other hand, if you have down-stream sales […]

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Group Buys are LIVE

Earlier this week we announced a new feature on the Kush Marketplace  for purchasing and selling bulk ancillary products within the cannabis industry. Group Buys give buyers, of all size, the power to organize with fellow farms and make organized purchases at great prices, while giving sellers an easy way to distribute large amounts of […]

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futures contracts

Contracts ‘Beta’

Have you ever signed up for a subscription service that sends you something like shaving cream, or socks delivered to your door on a regular basis? Check Out The Contracts Feature As a part of a huge push we’re making to streamline the platform, we’ve launched a system that will allow users to post and […]

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Category 3 Testing for Dummies

Phase III cannabis testing screens for arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium content in the tested product. These heavy metals are often found in raw materials, and tend to concentrate even further with refined products. Understanding where these contaminants come from could shield you and your investments from major problems down the line. Heavy metals are […]

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4 Tips to Help You Succeed on the Marketplace.

The Kush Marketplace is still getting busier and busier. Stay organized and don’t let things slip through the cracks! Here are a few tips that will help you succeed and close deals over the platform. Communication is Key Lack of Communication is one of the biggest factors with deals that fall through in the wholesale […]

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10 Reasons Why Deals Fall Through (and how to avoid)

If you’ve had deals fall through in the legal cannabis game, you’re not alone. The Kush Marketplace can help ease the hassle of wholesale, but there’s still some very common reasons that deals fall through. Here’s our ‘Top 10’ list and how to avoid them. #10 – Wrong (Missing) Contact Info You can edit the […]

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Kush Marketplace Updates

Here at Kush Marketplace, The Development team has been working tirelessly the past couple of months to bring you the best in 2019. Check out the new updates to the mobile and online platform below! Mobile Platform Updates The mobile platform has been totally redesigned with double columns on the home page for increased product […]

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Big changes to the Trusted Vendor program in 2019. Buyers can now count on all ‘Trusted’ vendors to have a clean pesticide test as well as being easy to work with. When it comes to cars, boats, homes, or any big purchase, you’ll want to buy from a credible place. You go with the […]

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Branding Basics

Your brand identity should be as much a part of your business model as the product that you sell. Consider that your customer will correlate the quality of your branding and packaging with the quality of your material. If you’re marketing your material as a premium product, avoid making moves that would devalue your product. […]

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