The Recent History of Shipping Hemp

Hemp is federally legal. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, any grey area surrounding hemp’s legality has disappeared. Yet, many hemp companies face logistical hurdles preventing them from operating like normal businesses. Shipping unprocessed hemp remains as one of the chief challenges for hemp companies. As the number of places growing hemp increases and the supply-chains […]

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What Hempers Want Most from LinkedIn

I recently presented at the Texas Hemp Convention on the topic of LinkedIn and it was truly an eye-opening experience. I’ve been helping hemp-related firms implement LinkedIn for about 5 years now, but I wanted to know more about how hempers are making effective use out of LinkedIn. Using LinkedIn itself, I reached out to […]

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Beyond Making a Purchase, Make a Partner: How to Purchase a Distillation Machine

Training periods.  Staff turnover.  Time management.  Learning curves.  Expediting processes.  Maximizing equipment effectiveness.  These all are matters that businesses face, in general, and businesses seeking to do hemp and cannabis distillation are no different.  If anything, they’re more susceptible to these types of business issues.  It’s critical for companies seeking to perform distillation to not only seek the right equipment provider, but even […]

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What is the Best Climate to Grow Hemp?

From the river valleys of Virginia to the lush hills of Oregon, hemp is making an American comeback. It is a hardy, versatile, crop that can adapt to some of the harshest conditions on the planet. With more and more farmers looking to grow hemp it begs the question, where is the best place to […]

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What is Biochar?

Charcoal. The difference? The intended use. Biochar is used for soil amendments and carbon sequestration. Where as charcoal is intended to be used a fuel source for heating or cooking. How is Biochar Made? Biochar is made with controlled burns. These can be as small as a personal kiln in the back yard or as […]

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What are the Differences Between Male and Female Plants

Male and Female cannabis plants may look similar from afar, but there are some major differences. Both physically and physiologically. How to Spot the Difference Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants Both male and female plants look nearly identical, but there are some obvious differences. During the preflowering stage, 4-8 weeks from a seed, the […]

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