An Online Farmers Market

I was talking with some co workers about the “Old days” of the canna biz. I was telling them about the farmers markets they had every week, bi weekly or monthly. Farmers would buy space and a table. They would bring bags and a scale. That’s about it. No frills and thrills. Back then, the market was fairly standardized. If you wanted to know what your competitor is selling an ounce for, it was as simple as walking down the isle and looking at the posted price. Before they took the marketplace away, there was a pretty standard pricing model. The reason I believe the standard pricing worked, was that all farms had complete transparency.

When I started calling farms this summer and asking about their inventory, I found that some were not getting as much as they could on the wholesale market and some were getting way over what the average asking price was. No one was talking, and price discrepancies were crazy. I thought, if they only had a farmers market to all get on the same page. Then the obvious hit me, that’s what the Kush Marketplace is already doing. The more producers and buyers come onto the platform, the more standardized the pricing becomes. Kush never sets any pricing for anyone. We can give our educated opinion on prices and we frequently do through our market analysis, but in the end sellers pick their own asking prices and buyers make their own offers.

– Mike Johnson, 2018

Live Marketplace Events

The Farmer’s Market isn’t dead! On businesses and consumers from around the United States connect everyday, but not everyone is online.. That’s where live events and trade shows come in handy. These days it’s typically not just a simple table with a scale setup, but instead, consumer friendly beautiful well thought out booth spaces with eager experts ready to answer questions (and plenty of Free Swag & Samples!).

Here’s a Blog with the Best Hemp / Cannabis / CBD Trade Shows in 2022

We’ve always got an event coming up at, currently Tampa Bay in August 2022! If you have any questions or would like to secure some booth space, just write us at for the full details and current specials

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