10,000 lbs of Trim up in Smoke

Recently the Marketplace has been approached by multiple characters claiming to have access to hundreds of thousands of pounds of trim.  After showing proof of funds from serious Marketplace buyers for a couple 10,000 lb deals, the funny business began.

The first seller began asking for ridiculous things like writing down codes on sticky notes next to the computer screen showing bank funds. Our response was we can have an Attorney call your Attorney to verify funds in an escrow account. When they said that is not their process we became highly skeptical with their validity but played along a little longer while redacting any sensitive information. After fulfilling their request our next request was to fly out and put eyes on the product ourselves but of course then the seller went dark.

The next fake player came along the following day and claimed to have access to over 200,000 lbs. We entertained them for about 27 seconds until they mentioned we would have to give large sums of money to their pay master to hold for the transaction. We asked them what the heck is a pay master, someone who shows up in a stretch limo and drives away with your money?  We use something called Escrow from reputable established firms and real attorneys to write serious deal contracts to protect all parties.  After that they changed their phone number and disappeared.

The moral of the story is don’t waste your time with goof balls, time is a valuable resource. Look for the signs up front for scammers and for deals over 1000 lbs always demand to see the product with your own eyes. Pictures and COA’s through email are meaningless as they can be easily downloaded from Google images. Remember this is a brand new an emerging legal market and every scammer idiot is going to be looking for targets. Scammers attempt to play on your emotions and take you on proverbial emotional  roller coaster rides, don’t be fooled. Make sure you know who is on the other line of that phone before you trust them with any product or a cent of your hard earned money.

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