Important Updates On Pesticide Usage:

The Washington State Department of Agriculture, has released a list, regarding four products that contain undisclosed pesticides that may cause your product to fail testing. If you have utilized one of the products below please follow the appropriate steps in the “Action Required Section.”


  1. Bud Factor X, WA Reg. No. 1465-0111
  2. Finisher 0.0083-0.011-0.0505, WA Reg. No. 2067-0025
  3. Honey Chome 0.5-0.5-1, WA Reg. No. 2800-0010
  4. King Kola 0.3-2-3, WA Reg. No. 2800-0008

Action Required

Producers: Immediately discontinue use of these products and remove these products from the licensed premises. Advise all processors to whom you have sold cannabis treated with these products that it may have been treated with pesticide ingredients that are not allowed.
Processors: Provide a notice about the possible use of pesticide ingredients that are not allowed to retailers who carry your products that may have been treated with these products.
Retailers: Post the notice provided by the processor in a conspicuous location on your licensed premises.

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