What are the different types of pre-roll joints?

Prerolls or Pre-Rolled Joints, are a common form of smokable in the cannabis industry. There are many kinds of pre-rolled joints on the market. Here is a comprehensive list to help you navigate through them (or maybe just get you inspired)!

Classic Doobie 

A classic doobie is a joint of anywhere from .5 grams, to .75 grams, to 1 gram to 1.5 grams. Rolled in a bleached or unbleached paper made from a variety of natural materials (hemp, rice, etc). You can see them twisted like a rocket or stuffed in like a cannon.

The King Sized Doobie 

A variation on the “Classic Doobie”, except made with a King sized paper. This allows for either a fatter roll (1-1.75 grams of flower), or a stylized filter. Some Kings (or Queens) have filters with larger diameters, providing a larger hit, while others will have a longer more funnelled design allowing for more pull and a slightly cooler hit.

The Dipped Doobie or The Snake In the Grass 

Take a Classic or King sized doobie and imagine dipping it into a vat of cannabis oil – pull it out and spark it up (that’s not actually how they do it due to most BHO/rosin/distillate having too high a viscosity to dip a joint into but you get the idea, think candied apples). Instead of dipping, think of rolling out a thin thread of oil, or using a syringe to line your bed of flower.

The Dipped & Rolled Doobie 

Take the Dipped doobie and Roll it within kief. Or Roll it in Hash. You can even Roll it in THCA or CBDA powdered isolate. It may seem too simple but it is what it’s called. It is cannabis dipped in cannabis and rolled in some more cannabis. Yum.

Caviar Joints 

Now these joints are a variant of the Dipped & Rolled Doobies; instead of just premium flower being rolled inside you would use caviar, or ‘moonrocks’ as the filler. Caviar/Moonrocks: Premium flower dipped in rosin or BHO/distillate that is then rolled in kief or hash

Cannagars and/or Thai Sticks 

Like the name implies, this is a Cannabis-Cigar. Originating from Thailand around the late 1960’s, these beastly things are a site to behold. Typically containing anywhere from 4-8 grams of premium flower. These pre-rolled instruments for higherdom use fan leaves from cannabis plants to wrap and roll flower, and are typically preceeded by a nice infusion of distillate or rosin to make sure everything stays secure. These are not solo devices and should probably be smoked over the course of a few days, or amongst a very large group of friends.

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Hemp Blunts

Blunts rolled with pressed hemp leaf (aka the hemp wrap) instead of tobacco leaves. These are nice because many times there is a CBDA count of 3-10 mg within the actual hemp and will modify the entourage effect you experience during your high.

Cannabis Cigarettes 

Cigarette like paper funnels stuffed with cannabis flower. Aesthetically looking very similar to actual cigarettes, however being prepared with cannabis. Typically coming in a pack of 5-12, they sometimes come with actual foam filters and other times standard board filters at the same length of cigarette filters.

Kief Joints 

A pre-rolled cone filled with kief. All kief. Just Kief. Kief. Kief. Kief.

Gold Leaf Wrapped 

A gold leaf pressed paper or pre-rolled cone.

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