List of Vendors at Seattle Kush Marketplace Live Event

Below you will find a list of who will be showcasing their products at the upcoming Seattle Kush Marketplace Live Fall Event at Motif Seattle on Friday, October 5th from 10A-5P. We will continue to update this list as we get nearer to the show!


Smokey Point Productions
Mad Dabler
Mammoth Labs
Buddies (Botanical Arts)
Bondi Farms
Green Data Technology
Dope Magazine
Green Labs / Swifts
Cascadia Gardens
The Werc Shop
Sugarleaf Farm
Weed Traqr, LLC
My Weed Bunny
Ogz Fire Weed
Billows Of Haze
WA Weed / Spoil’d
Double Delicious
Gorge Gold
Bad Ass Herbs
Fire House Productions
Columbia Concentrates
Creekside Cannabis
Northwest Cannabis Solutions
Gardens Royale / Big Worms
W.O.W. Industries / Altus
Outlaw Cannabis Co
McCallum Co
Ce Gardens
Mas Farms
Green Freedom / Sweet As
Pacific Crown Cultivation
Tumbleweed Farm
Groovy Greens
Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC
Growing Like A Weed
The Clear Wa
Cedar Creek Cannabis
Praxis Lab
Kouchlock Productions
Respect My Region
Black Label Cannabis
Circanna /Nectar Craft
Vuber Technologies
Dawn Star
Panoptic Northwest Cannabis Company
Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments (CORE)
Happy Valley Farms
American Baked Co
Hydro Empire
Da Vinci / Constellation Cannabis
Premium Cannabis Producers
DNA Gardens
Heliosphere Solutions
Kush Valley
Washington Packaging And Processing
Morelli Enterprises
Northwest Leaf
The Cannabis Alliance
Nettles Unlimited
Acme Diesel
Newday Growery
High End Farms
Emerald Twist
High Five Farms
Green Jay
DopePlow Inc.
Highstate Cannabis Farms
A-Action Group Utilities
Wildwood Flower Farm
Blaise Creative

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