Kush.com Trusted Vendor Program: 2019 Update

Big changes to the Kush.com Trusted Vendor program in 2019. Buyers can now count on all ‘Trusted’ vendors to have a clean pesticide test as well as being easy to work with.

When it comes to cars, boats, homes, or any big purchase, you’ll want to buy from a credible place. You go with the person you trust. Why should it be any different when it comes to cannabis? The Kush.com Trusted Vendor program gives potential buyers peace of mind that you, as a seller, can complete deals in a professional and timely manner.

By having the Trusted Vendor stamp your ads will naturally gain more attention and you should see more offers, which means better offers. The benefits of being a Trusted Vendor goes a long way, and this is something earned, not bought.

To qualify for the program you will need:

  • 5 deals, or over $30k in sales over Kush.com with no major issues
  • All of your current Company / Contact info on file
  • Clean payment history, and credit card on file
  • Clean pesticide test on file (annually)*

*The latest addition to the program is our mandatory clean pesticide test on file! With the recent buzz around WA Cannabis and pesticide issues (read more here) we’ve decided to add this into the Trusted Vendor program to boost the programs value to buyers.

Become A Trusted Vendor

This is a free program! If you’ve completed enough sales to qualify, we’ve already reached out. We most likely need to have a credit card on file, or an updated pesticide test before making you a Trusted Vendor.

If we haven’t reached out, you just need to close some deals! Work with us on completing the required 5 deals / $35K, and if everything goes smoothly you’ll be entered into the program.

Once you have obtained all the necessary information and documents feel free to reach out to deals@kush.com to get signed up today!

Remember, log in to Kush.com and start closing those deals!

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