How Does CBD Help to Fight Against COVID-19?

Recent analyses from numerous preliminary in vitro and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids in hemp, specifically CBD, can significantly reduce COVID-19’s ability to infect new cells – limiting inflammation in the lungs and possibly improving a patients’ quality of life during severe COVID-19 infection.

by ZADA ZADA on FEBRUARY 9, 2022 –

Since the novel coronavirus pandemic started, pharmaceutical companies, university researchers, and numerous other health organizations have been looking at ways to protect the population from infection and to improve patients’ quality of life.

While some therapies have been debunked or proven not to improve the situation of patients, others have shown to have a most positive impact on COVID-19’s ability to infect a host.

Recent analyses from numerous preliminary in vitro and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids in hemp, specifically CBD, can significantly reduce COVID-19’s ability to infect new cells – limiting inflammation in the lungs and possibly improving a patients’ quality of life during severe COVID-19 infection.

Cannabis Compounds Prevent Coronavirus – Study of Oregon State University

The most promising research study regarding the beneficial effects of cannabinoids in the fight against the novel coronavirus comes from research performed at Oregon State University.

Performed as a joint research initiative by the OSU Linus Pauling Institute, Global Hemp Innovation Center, and College of Pharmacy, studies confirmed that two common cannabinoids natural to Cannabis Sativa L (hemp plants) were highly effective in blocking spike proteins, the part of the virus responsible for infecting new cells.

The research, led by Richard van Breeman, confirmed that CBGa and CBDa cannabinoids needed to be ingested in edible forms to perform the desired effect and that cannabinoids effectively blocked COVID-19 infection even in normal cells, not just immune system cells.

These preliminary results were part of an in vitro study, meaning that they were performed on cells outside of the human body in a controlled lab environment. More research and testing will be needed to better understand precisely how CBDa and CBGa can block the spike proteins in the pathogen and the best method of delivering the cannabinoid compounds to patients infected with COVID-19.

CBD Blocks the Replication of Sars-CoV2 in the Lungs

The virus causing the current pandemic has been known by many names, from the original coronavirus first used when global infection rates spread to the more clinical COVID-19 as of late. The actual scientific name designated to COVID-19 is “Sars-CoV2.”

Research out of medical and dental colleges in Georgia has shown that the cannabinoid compound CBD, and possibly a few of its variants, are effective at blocking and even reversing the replication of COVID-19 in cells deep within the respiratory tract.

This research was performed on lung cancer cells dosed with a highly concentrated CBD isolate (97 percent). After the initial dose of CBD, the lung cancer cells were infected with SARS-CoV2. After examining the cells 48 hours later, researchers were positively impressed by the results. The cells showed signs of viral reverse, meaning that the vast majority of the lung cancer cells were no longer infected with SARS-CoV2 or showed diminished signs of infection.

This research is especially promising for those already infected with a severe respiratory case of COVID-19. It is possible that with further research into the best methods of administering the CBD compound, patients can reduce or perhaps even eliminate a severe COVID-19 infection within the lungs.

CBD Reduces COVID-19 Lung Damage with Protective Peptides

Additional research from Georgia-based medicinal institutions shows that cannabidiol (CBD) may also play an essential role in reversing or reducing the lung damage caused by a COVID-19 infection. As CBD is already shown to be a potent anti-inflammatory, it piqued the interest of researchers to determine the effectiveness of CBD in regulating apelin levels that are typically responsible for naturally reducing inflammation in the body and assisting with spike blood pressure levels.

The point of the study was to see if CBD could naturally antagonize apelin levels in the body to improve oxygenation and prevent further lung damage. Research confirmed that CBD could indeed mobilize apelin levels by binding to the receptors in the lungs, allowing them to regulate COVID-19 infection and work at fighting disease and infection.

This research is significant because it combines with existing research into CBD as an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator in helping to regulate blood pressure and heart rate naturally.

When these two benefits are combined with already existing healing properties of CBD in reducing inflammation when bacteria or virus enters the lungs, it could be a powerful combination that can significantly help COVID-19 patients in their fight to overcome the disease.

CBD in the Fight Against Covid-19 – New Evidence

From in vitro studies on lung cancer cells to studies on mice testing the effects of CBD on COVID-19 overgrowth in the lungs, it is clear that cannabidiol (CBD) can offer some hope to COVID-19 patients.

By boosting apelin levels and upsetting COVID-19’s ability to bond with ACE2 receptors that would otherwise allow the virus to replicate quickly, CBD is being shown to be the next best weapon in the fight against pandemic-level COVID-19 infections.

New evidence in the fight against COVID-19 through the use of cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBGa, and CBD would suggest that for maximum benefits, the cannabinoids can not be heated before being introduced into the body. This would suggest that traditional methods of consuming CBD through smokable hemp products aren’t best for fighting COVID-19.

Instead, CBD capsules, oil tinctures, and edibles containing cO2 extracted CBD would be the most beneficial in disrupting COVID-19 growth and replication.

Furthermore, considering that the recent study done on mice showing the positive effects of CBD in fighting the novel coronavirus were administered via intranasal saline containing a pure CBD isolate, it would suggest that OTC CBD hemp products available at many retail stores and online vendors may not be sufficient in disrupting the COVID-19 virus.

These products, instead, may be more beneficial to those who wish to use them for their anti-inflammatory and bronchodilation properties in aiding lung conditions like asthma or COPD. This is because such products will not contain a pure enough CBD isolate, which means that it could be less effective at disrupting the COVID-19 virus.

CBD in the Fight Against COVID-19 – More Research

With millions already dead from COVID-19 and hundreds of millions more inactive infections, the need for effective therapies to reduce the severity of infection or reverse the effects associated with severe respiratory illness related to COVID-19 is now more critical than ever.

Considering the rapidly evolving mutations with high transmissibility, it’s not clear if current vaccinations available will be able to keep up with the changes to the pathogen. This is why more research is needed to expand on the possibility of using CBD oils or CBD-related therapeutics to help COVID-19 patients.

For now, studies have stayed limited to in vitro and animal model testing, but human-based studies would be the next step in determining if CBD provides a safe and effective means in treating COVID-19 infections.

Until the time when CBD based treatments are approved for use in humans suffering from COVID-19 infections, the best course of action to stay protected and reduce the risk of severe respiratory complications as a result of contracting COVID-19 is to get vaccinated using one of the FDA approved COVID-19 vaccines currently available to the general public.

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We should say, additionally, by maintaining social distance and self-isolating when symptoms of COVID-19 are felt, you can do your part in helping slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the chances of infecting high-risk populations.

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