25 Tips for Selling Successfully on Kush.com

  1. Get validated as a Hemp / Cannabis Business

As a non-validated user, you can still make purchases on Kush.com, but getting Validated as a Business will give you access to Sell on Kush.com (membership required) and purchase ‘Wholesale Only’ products. 

To get your account Validated: make sure all the company, contact, and business licensing is uploaded, then email info@kush.com for a quick review!

2. Get the most out of your premium membership 

A premium membership greatly increases the amount of exposure you get on the platform. Exposure leads to far more sales. In fact, premium members account for 95% of transactions that occur on the platform (compared to basic vendors). Premium members pay Kush.com on a subscription basis allowing them to communicate openly with potential buyers, avoid introduction fees, and more.

Closing more sales is a great feature of having a premium membership but Kush.com is far more than a marketplace. As a premium member, you can create your own storefront to truly curate what makes your company unique to the cannabis/hemp space. You also get access to informative exclusive content, analytics on industry pricing, and so much more. Visit our FAQ for even more information – https://kush.com/blog/kush-com-faq/

Full Details, and sign up for Kush.com Memberships Here 

3. Feature your products 

Standing out is incredibly important when it comes to getting sales. Kush.com gives you the tools to help stand out by “Featuring” your product. When you feature a product, it remains at the top of any relevant searches on the platform. When a potential buyer first arrives to the marketplace it is amongst the first listings they see. The power of this tool has long been apparent, with vendors experiencing 20-30x more product views.  (As a premium member you get a significant discount on this service!)

You can learn more and get the process started here – https://get.kush.com/featured-products

4. Have a storefront 

Marketplace product listings are inherently anonymous but with the Premium Membership you can exchange contact information at any time with buyers, display branding on their product listings, and create a storefront!

A storefront is a place where buyers can see all your products consolidated into one place with a custom URL that you can share outside of kush.com.

Kush.com Storefronts are probably the easiest way for a hemp business to get products for sale online, with credit card payments available with DirectPay & Square (details about DirectPay Here)

5. Use professional and aesthetically pleasing photos 

Having photos taken professionally can be of tremendous benefit when attracting buyers, but in most cases you’ll be taking them yourself. Here’s some general Photo Tips for the Hemp / Cannabis marketplace:

– If handling the product, wear gloves. Bare hands on product looks unprofessional and unsanitary. This does not apply to modeling finished goods.

– Having an appropriate background. A laboratory setting, a product display, or even a solid color background can be attractive.

– In most circumstances, stock photos detract from the value of your listing.

– Having photos that show full transparency of the product. Show the product in bulk, or how it would be received by the buyer.

– Have fun. Find a way to stand out from others. Showcasing quality and professionalism is important, but standing out is paramount to success. You can include gifs into your product photos, it is a great way to catch a buyer’s eye.

6. Repost your products often

Premium Members have the option to ‘Repost All’ products from the My Products page.

Doing so will reset the post date for your products making them look more active, increasing your product score and can place your products higher up in the marketplace.

The more active you are on the platform the better the score, reposting your products is a great way to encourage your products to have a higher score!

For more information about product scores check out our General FAQ 

7. Be descriptive- curate your business/product 

There are thousands of hemp/cannabis products and businesses that exist. What makes you stand out? What value do you bring? That is what buyers want to know. Conveying that is essential to being successful in the market, and there is no exception on kush.com. Giving detailed, yet concise, information can easily attract a buyer to your listing/storefront.

If you do not curate your business/product you run the risk of being unnoticed on our platform..

Curating your products, in addition to featuring them, can be a great way of ensuring that everyone can see what makes you truly unique – https://get.kush.com/featured-products

8. Be transparent

Make it very clear as to what you are selling! Doing so ensures repeat business and a great relationship with buyers and us, Kush.com. Vendors who send material that is not what was advertised risk being suspended or permanently banned after dealing with refund requests, ext.. 

Take enough photos that demonstrate what your product is. Be honest with questions that are asked from buyers. Also, have up to date COA’s uploaded, if you have numerous COA’s associated with similar lots, show the appropriate one to the buyer before shipment. 

9. Be responsive

Not responding to inquiries lowers your products score, and prevents you from closing sales. Some buyers will move on if they do not receive a response quickly. You receive an email notification whenever someone reaches out to you on Kush.com (unless you turned email notifications off) but you can also sign up for SMS notifications if you are a premium member.

More details and change your communication settings from the My Account page.

10. Consider a competitive price 

Market pricing, in the hemp industry, can often be dependent by one’s locality and network. Kush.com creates access for all of it’s users across the US and in some parts of the world, so true market pricing is reflected. This makes our marketplace competitive, in order to succeed you must consider what you are charging potential buyers.

Kush.com provides analytics to its premium members. This information can be crucial when formulating your own pricing!

Analytics include:
Average Listing Pricing
Average Offer Made
Average Offer Accepted

11. Utilize our Wanted Ads 

Our Wanted Ads are a place where buyers can stipulate exactly what they are looking for. Keep an eye on it as much as possible and respond to ads that fit what you are offering. Once a match is made a conversation is started between buyer and seller for an easy connection! 

12. Use keywords in your title to maximize SEO, both on and off the platform. 

Be specific and target your potential buyer when formulating your product title. Consider leaving out generic terms, like “CBD Oil” for more specific ones like “CBD Distillate ” or “MCT CBD Tincture”. Both terms can mean “CBD Oil” but they are both quite different. 

13. Stipulate your preferred payment method in the description or on your storefront

Let potential buyers know what means of payment you accept, doing so provides for a smooth and transparent sales process or both parties! Premium Members have access to DirectPay, an integration with Square, but if you’re using other payment methods feel free to add them into your product description, and make sure to notify buyers as soon as an order is placed.

14. Be patient 

Kush.com receives all types of buyers. Some “needed material yesterday” others are looking to establish a partnership that might not even initiate for another 3 months. Regardless of the potential lead your receive, you should be patient. A few follow up messages are always appropriate but any more be perceived as desperate.

15. Fulfill orders punctually 

Generally if you can complete an order within 1-2 weeks most buyers will be pleased. If there’s ever delays, make sure to communicate with the buyer/seller!

16. Communicate using the platform itself as much as possible

To ensure corrective action can be taken against those who commit bad business on Kush.com we highly recommend you keep as much communication, as possible, to the platform itself. This allows us to take corrective action easily, and keeps us in the loop.

It also dramatically helps increase your product score. The more active you are on our platform the higher the score for your products! Likewise, the more offers on your product, the more attractive it might be for potential buyers.

17. List all material you have for sale on our platform

There is no “cost per listing” on Kush.com. So list everything you wish to sell! It only takes a few minutes to create a listing, with COA and photos available, so why not? Services, supplements/ingredients, equipment, jobs, undesired material (transparently labeled), transportation services, land, licenses, paraphernalia, anything can be sold on Kush.com so long as it is legal and pertains to hemp/cannabis. Compliance is always key, all products must be federally legal and only contain ‘hemp derived cannabinoids’, but states can differ, make sure to look into your local laws & regulations.

18. Determine whether you will accept bids from non-validated buyers

It is your choice whether you would like to accept bids from non-validated buyers (consumers). We at Kush.com understand the value in validating real hemp businesses. However, our SEO drives in a ton of Consumer Buyers too!

You can choose to not receive bids from non-validated Consumer users, and only sell ‘Wholesale’ to validated businesses, from the Communication Settings on the My Account page.

19. Consider the Premium Annual Membership, rather than the monthly option 

An annual membership costs $999 for the year, if you pay monthly the cost is roughly $1200 ($99 per month)!

For those who are considering annual vs monthly payments, reach out to info@kush.com. Most of the time we are providing incentives for users choosing an annual premium membership vs a monthly premium membership. These incentives vary greatly depending on what projects we are working on. Reach out to see what is new!

20. Check out our exclusive content to stay up to date on the latest trends in the industry

Premium members get access to exclusive content, this includes blogs, webinars from events we manage, and much more. Knowledge is power.

You can access exclusive content by clicking on the blue banner when on the main marketplace page. Or go here if you are a member – https://kush.com/member-content

21. Keep an eye on the news feed. 

The news feed showcases all of the recent activity on the platform. You can see products being added and offers being rejected or accepted. Stay up to date on the newest trends on Kush.com and see what listings are currently getting offers.

22. Accept payments Before shipping products

We have a great community on Kush.com, the value we bring to the industry is in creating a supervised platform with both consumers and vetted parties doing business. It is still important to exercise caution in dealing with new buyers!

We recommend that the vendor accepts payment before shipping, but it is at the vendor’s discretion. Every situation is different.

Setting up DirectPay will allow buyers to pay instantly while making a full price order, but if you’re not using DirectPay, make sure to provide payment methods and confirm payments before shipping a product.

23. Have a low MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

You might be looking for that large ‘one and done’ order, but consider sample purchases, and don’t limit yourself by setting too high of a MOQ. Regardless of if the buyer has massive or small purchasing power, more offers and conversations will help your product stand out on the marketpalce.

24. Attend our conventions, and consider being a Sponsor!

To educate and further create access to the Hemp / Cannabis industry we also host events such as the Oregon Hemp Convention and the Texas Hemp Convention!

In Early 2020, the Texas Hemp Convention brought in 15,000+ attendees, at the time it was the largest hemp convention in the world! We’ve since hosted online events, #THC2021, and are currently planning the next Oregon Hemp Convention in Portland.

Reach out here if you are interested info@kush.com

25. Always feel free to reach out

Info@kush.com is the best way to get a hold of us if you are having technical issues or if you have any questions about kush.com !

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