7 Things You Need to Know About Autoflowering Cannabis and Hemp Seeds: A Must-Read Guide

Many cannabis and hemp growers are still indecisive on autoflowering seeds. While autoflowering seeds provide growers an authentic alternative to consider, what are the differences from typical seeds?

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The new generation of autoflowering seeds is a great alternative to traditional options, and you do not need to hesitate to plant autoflowering cannabis anymore.

What are Autoflowering Seeds, At-a-Glance?

You may be asking yourself, what are autoflowering cannabis seeds anyway? Autoflowering strains of cannabis are a subspecies of ruderalis that produces plants which grow and flower with no dependence on light. Therefore, there is no photoperiod or light schedule for this kind of cannabis. 

They flower due to their age as opposed to other varieties whose flowering depend on light schedule (the number of hours of light and darkness). Ruderalis originate from Central Asia; thus theirΒ independence over light.Β 

Autoflowering cannabis, therefore, is an outdoor crop that can yield harvests in a short time than photoperiod cannabis. The plants are short in height to help you manage them in different kinds of settings. They are more resilient plants, which makes it attractive for new growers.

Autoflowering genetics have high amounts of CBD and can be beneficial to patients looking for symptomatic relief. 

Now, let’s discuss more on autoflowering seeds. Here are the seven things you need to know:

1. It is Hard to Clone Autoflowering Plants

The seeds are hard to clone. Thus, you should make use of the seed version. The reason is that, when you cut a stem from a mother plant, there is a high probability for the stem to replicate the genetics of that mother plant. Cloning is not entirely hopeless because some farmers/growers have fruitfully done it. 

2. They Can Flower Regardless of Light

The autos can do well even in the absence of light. The plants grow, flower and also seed in a short period than the other varieties of cannabis seeds. Because autos can still flower without light, their seeds necessarily do not require darkness. It means that a farmer can reduce her or his electricity usage on the plants without having to affect the harvest. 

Make sure that you understand how well the strain you are growing work under light/dark condition. Some varieties do well under 24-hour locations while others may lead to low yields when they grow in 12/12 light regime. Choose your type well. 

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3. More Product to Harvest

Autoflowering seeds depend on the climate. You should be in a suitable place for the type you choose. It will yield more. 

If you stay in a country or place with a favourable climate, then there is a high chance for you to harvest about five times a year. It is vital to note that autos may not survive in an area that experience freezing for an extended period. 

4. Transplanting Autoflowering Seeds is More Difficult

Transplanting autoflowering cannabis plants can be a bit intricate than repotting other varieties. Therefore, it is advisable to plant autoflowering seeds in a pot or container that you plan to have them until they are ready for harvesting. It will help avoid any hurdles during the plants growing cycle. 

Though transplanting is stressful, it is not entirely impossible as you can succeed if you are gentle and cautious. When repotting autos, the main concern is shocking their roots as this can lead to stunt growth for a maximum of seven days. 

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5. Autoflowering Seeds Produce Potent Plants

Many people believe that autos are not potent because Lowryder, the first autoflowering to hit the market over ten years ago was less potent than other cannabis strain. It can relieve signs of pain, sleeplessness, and stress. However, it produces light cerebral effects with slow onset.

There have been a lot of changes since then, and the autoflowering kinds in the market now contain a significant amount of cannabinoid (CBD), THC, and other compounds like other feminized cannabis. 

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6. Autoflowering Seeds Produce Smaller, Easier to Grow Plants

You can use soil, pot, or container to grow autoflowers. Put the seeds in your moistened paper towel on a plate. Then cover them using another plate to lock the moisture inside. The seeds sprout in about 1 – 4 days. However, older seeds can take a maximum of one week. 

7. Proper Nutrition Made Simple

Auto seeds do not need many nutrients. Water them during the first two weeks as they grow. You can now start adding some portions of nutrients to the seeds from that second week going forward. 

Increase the amounts with time and stop at the sixth week and add a different set of nutrients. It is prudent to change the nutrients a week before the flowering stage.

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It is the right time to try growing auto seeds if you have never tried them. They can be the right choice as you can both grow them outside or inside. Therefore, you can benefit hugely from them. Be cautious and choose the right variety that suits your climate for better yields. 

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