7 Updates You Might Have Missed

Here at Kush Marketplace, we strive to bring the best to our users and taking time to build an easier, user-friendly platform. We have made some big changes to the site that you may not know about. Be sure to read them all to maximize your selling/buying experience. 

Pesticide Test Verification: 

With the recent crackdown on pesticide testing and random testing of product on store shelves, Buyers have become more persistent in acquiring pesticide testing on all products over the site. We have created a feature that lets the buyers know that a pesticide test has been done on the product ad. 

This new feature will save time by eliminating the process of verifying the product you are looking at has a pesticide test or not.  What a time saver!

Automated DocuSign Feature:

 We have installed a new feature on our DocuSign process! When you accept an offer over the site, you will automatically receive an email from DocuSign. Not only do we automatically send you the documents via email, but they will also be auto-filled with your information*.

All you have to do is verify the information is correct, sign and submit! Be sure to be checking your email and products frequently to make sure you are not missing out on potential deals.  

My Conversation Accepted / Signed:

We added a new feature to your conversation page to notify you if you need signatures on your recent deals. If you are wondering why a deal has not moved or a lack of communication, be sure to check your conversations to see if your signature is required. 

Product Manager:

As a seller you have access to the impressions of your individual product on your “Product Manager” under “My Products.” This number has little meaning except in respect to click through rate (CTR).  Pageviews divided by Impressions  = CTR. If you have a high CTR, that means something is compelling about the photo, title, or price. If you have a low CTR, try editing one of those three inputs to increase your CTR.

We’re also displaying total matches that product has to buyer requests. The more matches the better. If you post a product and it has zero matches, take a second look at your ad and consider making a couple of edits. You probably need to adjust the price or maybe there was a mistake made when inputting / saving the product.

A couple other calculations you can do are:

Inquiries / Pageviews = Inquiries Conversion Rate (ICR)
Offers / Pageviews = Offer Conversion Rate (OCR)

We’ll make these happen automatically soon, but until then just know it’s coming down the pipe.

Buyer Requests:

Wanted Ads / Buyer Requests have gotten a complete make over! Brandon ripped through this and made it so much easier to know more about the request without having to click on it. Now farms can quickly scroll through the wanted ads to see if they should reply or not.

Pageviews are now also available on Buyer Requests / Wanted Ads. We also added a back button on these pages because it was pretty confusing before and now it’s really easy to go back to the main list.

My Searches / Buyer Dashboard:

My Searches / Buyer Dashboard can now filter searches by Hemp and Cannabis. This will be a trend. We’re looking at merging hemp and cannabis site wide and allowing users to filter by hemp or cannabis on each page depending on their needs. This will make the site easier & faster to use.

My Conversations:

We’ve made a major update to “My Conversations”! You can now filter by where the conversation is in regards to negotiation. You can show conversations you’re just interested in, conversations that have received offers or that you have made offers on, and you can see which offers have been accepted. This was a big ask from the many buyers and sellers on the platform, and this is just the start. We’re going to be pushing big in this realm in the coming months. Keep your eye out here!

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