A Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis

As the world becomes more and more accepting of marijuana, it has already become legal or decriminalized in many countries around the world, and at this point, many people have become interested in growing their own weed. For some, this is the way to get high without having to buy the weed from anyone; for others, this is like a hobby or the way to get high on the stuff they grew themselves. You might be either of those, but if you are reading this, you are making the first step of the exciting journey to growing your own marijuana. This process is not as complex as it might seem, but you will surely need some patience, determination, and skill to do things the right way. Today, we give you the beginners guide to growing weed where we are going to discuss all the essential details an enthusiast like yourself needs to know.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Weed: Why Grow Your Own Supply?

You Control the Quality: the most important thing here is that you are in charge of the process, and the product will depend solely on your attention to your plant, the quality of the fertilizers you use, and the love you put into your little tree. Your weed is going to be as good as you want, and even more so, it is going to be yours! 

Privacy and Security: Growing your own weed is your own thing, and nobody has to know about it. Of course, if you are an outdoor weed grower, somebody will surely notice it, but if it’s legal wherever you live, go for it and do not worry. If you grow it at home, it’s likely that nobody would ever know about your little gardening hobby.

Step 1: Designate Some Place for Your Growing Station

If you are not one of the lucky fellers who live in houses and have their own little garden, you’ll need a specific place for your growing station. You can surely grow cannabis at home, but this plant still requires a certain climate that you can recreate by using a growing station. This thing would require some space, of course, so you should start by picking up the right spot in your house where your weed would be safe and out of anyone’s sight. After that’s done, you need to get that growing station or hydroponics station. These are available online and in particular stores all around the world, and you can visit AskGrowers to find which of those are the best. You don’t even have to use hydroponics stations designed specifically for weed growers; you can use any growing station and go for it just fine. Depending on how much space is available and how many plants you are to grow, you can choose the appropriate station and start growing your plants. 

Step 2: Choose the Proper Lights

Light is essential for the proper growth of any plant, especially the one you love so dearly. So, one of the answers to how to grow a weed plant is to get yourself some proper lighting. The quality of light you use in your growing area is one of the most crucial factors that would determine the success of the whole endeavor. You will need to get your hands on some decent HID (high-intensity discharge) lights that are used in agriculture by indoor growers, including cannabis growers. Of course, you will need to find the HID lights that fit your station and are up to your requirements. Cannabis plants require some serious lighting, especially the strains that come from the hot regions and are user to the sun and heat. This would require you to designate some space for your station and the lighting.

Step 3: Air Conditioning 

An essential part of our guide to growing weed is mentioning the air conditioning and its impact upon the growth of your plants. If you are trying to grow your weed indoors, you should realize that there’s a huge difference between the air inside and outside and that the plants are naturally inclined to grow better outdoors. That is exactly why you need to simulate the conditions outdoors the best you can. There, you can use a regular fan, but you need to make sure there’s enough fresh air in the room, so you might want to open the windows really often to make sure there’s enough fresh air there. A regular fan would suffice for most growers, but if you want to take it a couple of steps further, you can find some professional equipment, air humidifiers, and all that stuff. This would produce better air conditioning and mimic the open-air environment really well. 

Step 4: Choose the Proper Growth Medium

You need to pick the medium for your plants, and there are two main options here that are most widely spread among the growers – soil and hydroponics. You need to choose the one that suits your needs best and go for it. Soil is the most forgiving of the two and is best suited for first-time growers, and if you still don’t really know how to grow cannabis indoors, it might be a good idea to start with the soil. You need to choose the basic soil that does not contain any artificial fertilizers – just a pure soil – the brand does not really matter here, just make sure it’s decent quality. 

Pick some good organic fertilizers too. Remember, you have to use organic fertilizers only whether you grow your plant in the soil or the hydroponics station. You can even create an organic fertilizer yourself using worms, bat guano, or other organic components. We won’t go through the whole process here, but you can create your own fertilizer if you have access to organic materials saving yourself some money. More so, that way, you can be sure your fertilizer is 100% pure and clean of any chemicals.

Hydroponics is a different deal, and it is fair to say that this medium is more appropriate for experienced growers. This method requires more attention to your plant, regular feedings, using some decent fertilizers, and taking care of the roots. This is why this particular medium is more suited for those who’s already got some experience with growing weed and is ready to dedicate more time to this process. You may choose any of the two, just remember to take care of your plant and show it some love.

Step 5: Use a Proper Container

Using a proper container is yet another key factor when it comes to the question of how to grow pot at home. You need to know what size the mature plant is going to be and account for its growth through the whole process to define what type of container you’d need. It does not mean that big container is always the best answer because the bigger your container is, the more expensive your lighting and air conditioning will get. That is why it is best that you only go as big as you would really need and not go overkill with the size of your container. Just make sure your container is not too small, and if you can afford some really expensive lighting and air conditioning systems, you can go and make an entire greenhouse in your room just to grow some weed. 

Step 6: Water Your Plants

Plants need water, and cannabis is no exception here. The thing here is that different strains of weed are used to different humidity levels and that some of them can go on really low watering while the other strains would require more water. Professional growers use special watering systems that automatically water the plants; some just use the drip system, and the plant receives small amounts of liquid throughout the day. Some would just water the plants manually several times a day. You use the approach that is best for you, what you can afford, and what feels the most satisfying to you. Of course, buying some top-shelve watering system would be expensive, but it might save you the trouble. On the other hand, watering your plant manually builds a sort of a spiritual connection between you and the tree, so you feel like it’s truly yours. 

Wrap Up

Growing cannabis is fun and not that challenging, and if it is legal where you live, you should totally give it a shot. If you ask how long does it take to grow weed, it would depend on a strain, but usually, it is somewhere between 7 and 10 weeks. Basically, if you start soon, in just two months, you’ll be enjoying your very own pot. If you are the type of person who loves trying the new stuff or doing something with your hands, this might just be the kind of activity you’d want to try. If you are ready to try it, go ahead and start building up your growing station, collect all the necessary equipment, and just prepare yourself for that journey.

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