Adventures at Emerald Cup

Emerald Cup 2018 was quite the show! This year was the first Emerald Cup Event to take place in the now legal state regulated cannabis market.  Many Kush Marketplace partner cultivators were there with booths, and Cup entries taking full advantage of the priceless farm to retail end user relations and open market cannabis sales to end customers on site.

It was truly a beautiful site to see those connections taking place as the farms had a chance to really show the people what they are all about. Showcasing special farming techniques and regional environmental advantages while selling products and educating consumers is more of what this industry needs. California has really hit it on the button with its events capabilities to support farm outreach through events.

Flow Kana Open Market

This show is how I would imagine a picture perfect legal cannabis trade show to be. Consumers could actually smell, touch, examine and consume products from multiple vendors while learning a higher understanding of how cannabis is really produced. Accompanied with great food/drink vendors, many showcase ancillary support services, exhibits and entertainment it was a winning combination.

Educating consumers on your products and marketing is now an integral part of this business. It now takes multiple facets of effort in categories such as Product Quality Control, Supply Chain Relationship Building, Marketing/Branding and Professional Execution of your Services. A great start to getting your products out there is to get on Kush Marketplace, sign up for a free account and get your products posted! This will also give you a chance to browse the Marketplace and see what others are doing to gain market share.

Marketplace Distro Partner

Forge your alliances with other licensees, get your product awareness out there and tell your story. Believe me, people want to hear what you have to say. Kush Marketplace is always here to help you network, facilitate deals and further your business anyway we can. Please don’t hesitate to call Myself or Sean anytime at (Peter 415-940-2770) (Sean 415-683-8601) to discuss sourcing options or chat about the current market to gain perspective.

We forget sometimes the whole world is watching and there is no doubt California will continue shine as the Cannabis Capital of the World and lead the way!

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