BIG Conversation / Messenger Changes On This Week & A Sneak Peak Into What’s Next!

You may have noticed some major changes to this week.. Here’s all you need to know about the Updated Conversations Pages on & a sneak peak of new features coming to in 2022.

Updated Conversations Pages on

In the effort to break down walls, and make connecting on even easier we’ve consolidated the Conversations pages down to One Conversation per User versus Per Offer/Inquiry.

Biggest Differences:
– Now offers can be made from this Messenger on any of the products that the seller has listed.
– Contact information can be viewed from the Blue Highlighted names at the top of the Messenger, and Product Information can be found within the Offer details, with a link to the original product provided.

– As a seller you should have less offers to sift through, and be able to handle more individual buyers at a time.
-As a buyer you’ll be able to browse the full list of products to make larger more convenient orders! You’ll also benefit from less ongoing conversations if you’ve reached out to a ton of listings on the site. Now if any products were from the same seller, you’ll just have one place to reach them instead of multiple conversations.

Old Conversations:
All your old conversations on a Per Product basis have been imported into the new messenger system. You can view the old conversations by clicking the Legacy Conversations button, or continue chatting with the buyer/seller in the new messenger, no additional setup or actions needed!

More Updates Coming To

By this Summer we will also be working on a number of updates that should make the site more accessible and easier to use;

  • Lower Square Transaction Fees for DirectPay
  • Splitting of Wholesale & Consumer products pages
  • General improvements to Consumer Purchasing & Messenger
  • 3rd Party Shipping Integrations + Shipping & Handling on
  • More 3rd Party Payment Processing Integrations

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