CBD Isolate: Broker tips and tricks


Buyer beware, this industry is plagued with broker dreams of 100+ kilo orders, proof of funds and letters of intent.  I personally stay away from these people, because even those with best of intentions are trying to group your order with fairy tale clients and are working on first time relationships with extractors.  These deals tend to fall through on both ends – this is a very unstable way to do business.  One of the reasons we see so many people shopping around the unicorn dream is many brokers are shopping around the same deal – and a single broker may speak with 6 brokers representing the same request – falsely inflating the order.  This is why these deals fall through is they broker is unable to procure funds for the material, and often they do not have a solid relationship with a supplier necessary to procure material.

Three questions to ask a broker to see their expertise –

How much per kilo?  If they quote you way under the market price, run for the hills!  Not only could the product be defected but this could mean the material is coming from China which comes with it’s own challenges with consistency, customs and heavy metals.

What was your isolate throughput last month, what actually closed?  A good broker will know these numbers by heart and not beat around the bush.

Can I do a site walkthrough?  If the answer isn’t YES – then your broker lacks connections with the manufacturer.

How to choose a broker:

My criteria for a supplier is to work directly with the manufacturer which require a site walk through.  We start with client vetted companies, cross reference with other businesses in the space, start small and ramp up orders, and 100% require a site walk through.  Transparency is key.  We do not offer proof of funds, but we do pay in full up front 100% of the time because we have a strong client base.  Although we are technically a consultant, we leverage our kush.com platform to power group buys to benefit everyone in the value chain.

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