A one time purchase of a commodity is known as a spot buy.  These purchases are subject to the current market rates, and can fluctuate week to week. Kush Marketplace launched a new feature called Spot Buys. This tool features the best deal on a commodity, starting with CBD Isolate.   You will find this new spot pricing feature pinned to the top of our marketplace platform. This banner shows the current lowest price for one time orders based on volume.  All vendors using this tool have a special approval from the Kush Marketplace team. Generally we will reach out to you based on a track record, quality, and customer service.

When you see a price listed on the spot buys, this is the lowest available price from a trusted vendor. The price will stay the same until the inventory runs out, or the market price shifts. Once the inventory of that commodity sells out, the spot price shifts to the next trusted vendor.

Vendors using the spot buy feature have a proven track record of sales with Kush Marketplace.  To earn the trusted vendor title on our Marketplace, we require vendors to have a minimum number of successful deals on the marketplace. We look at this track record to ensure great customer service, and happy customers.  Only trusted vendors who guarantee delivery of the commodity are able to sell using the spot buy feature. If you believe a vendor does not have these qualities, our team will review the account. This can result in the removal of a trusted vendor title, or the discontinuation of their account.

The new spot pricing feature is essential to businesses that urgently need product. Companies who experience a supply chain issue need to order from a reliable vendor, and fast. This tool is an efficient resource to locate a trusted source for a product at the lowest price.  We hope that the Kush Marketplace network of trusted vendors is a valuable resource to your bag of tools.

Jesse Hagberg
CBD Derivative Specialist
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