February Price Analysis & Forecast

In January we have started to see price resistance on the marketplace indicated by the average listing price needle in the graphics below. From a numbers standpoint, this means that prices could have hit the bottom in December and has started to climb again, but we’re not completely sold on that analysis.

As a whole, we are still seeing a glut in the market. This means that the current price resistance could be temporary. This thought is backed up by many of the larger buyers in the state as well.

“There is concern in the market of a potential double dip in prices due to the current flood of product at retail. This and the upcoming 420 holiday could have a negative impact on the price of both indoor and outdoor flower.”

-Blake Svenson
Vice President, Cowlitz County Cannabis

At a minimum we feel a responsibility to report average asking prices and bids on the marketplace. Please keep in mind that these prices are for Producer/processor to Processor sales ONLY. None of these reports are built for Producer to Retailer Sales and we have filtered the data to reflect that. You can view live data by visiting the marketplace!

The data visualizations below have been built using asking price and bids via products submissions and buyer requests. You will see a large price range on the requests because there is large range in product type & quality. For example, A-buds, B-buds, popcorn, and failed lots all fall under the same category of either Outdoor or Indoor flower depending on the grow environment.

P/P to P/P Outdoor Flower Market

Avg Vendor Asking Price: $0.72 / g
Avg Buyer Bid Range: $0.27 – $0.80 / g

Outdoor flower has started to see price resistance. Either sellers are holding supply in an effort to fend off the price dip, or they have found consistent avenues to sell product and are now demanding a higher price for new orders.

On the contrary, if the majority of sellers are holding in an efforts to weather the post harvest price decrease, we could see a second and more significant price drop as motivation to sell increases as noted above.

P/P to P/P Indoor Flower Market

Avg Vendor Asking Price:$1.56 / g
Avg Buyer Bid Range:$0.37 – $1.86 / g
The outdoor market has affected indoor prices. This is typical, but somewhat exaggerated this year due to a major surplus on the outdoor market. Many wholesale buyers have opted for high-end outdoor flower in the production of pre-rolls over indoor trim or popcorn.

Notes to Consider

Insights like the ones above regarding price points, supply, and demand are made possible by the growth in supply and demand on the marketplace. As our data set grows, we will eventually be able to suggest prices based on quality factors and comparable products that have recently sold. We look forward to continued market adoption, and value this opportunity to serve this amazing industry!

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